Peace-Officer vs “law enFORCEment officer”

USA “law enFORCEment Burns Children To Death In Their Church, Waco, Occupied Republic Of Texas, Because Their Parents were ALLEGED to Have “Illegal” Weapons.
“We must Kill The Children, To Save The Children”

The occupied Republic of Texas used to have Peace Officers.
Several were my friends.

I have absolutely no use for, no trust in, no faith in, or respect for ‘law enFORCEment.

Fear is instilled.
Respect is EARNED.
Once earned, it is easily lost.
Once lost, it is much harder to recover that respect, than to get it the first time.
Because now, having lost that respect for violating a trust, one is on probation, looked at with dobut, with suspicion, even if given another chance.

America is coming apart at the seams, the communist, the zionist, what ever name one wants to use for that red Russian and “puritan” yankee evil, are playing the American head up assus Sheep and the USA leg breaking revenue bag men “law enFORCEment” for fools, and both bunches are proudly proving the red Russian Rats right.

Vol. 2-L to Z:
Page 2547:


The tranquility enjoyed by a political society, internally by the good order which reigns among it’s members, and externally by the good understanding it has with all other nations.
Applied to the internal regulation of a nation, Peace imports in a technical sense, not merely a state of repose and security as opposed to one of violence or warfare, but likewise a state of public order and decorum.”

Page 2409:

One who has the reputation of being the officer he assumes to be, and yet is not a good officer in point of law.

In other words, he is the fox guarding the hen house.
You break the same “laws, (God/Nature has Laws, man has rules and Statures, none of which override or overrule Natural or Gods Law, which Gives Rights to Humanity, which “government” or “law enFORCEment have no right to take away, no matter how many rules and codes they pass saying they have the authority to violate God’s law.
Where the hell did they get that authority?
God is the King of the Mountain, and he did not grant corrupt yankee courts and bag men “law” enFORCEMENT that “right”.

PAGE 2402.

Officers are required to preform the functions which belong to their respective offices.
The neglect to do so may in some cases, subject the offender to inditement.

Vol. 1, A to K.

Page 761:

Actually: Actually in fact;
A term used to denote a thing already done.

an officer de facto is one who performs the duties of an office with apparent right and under claim and color of an appointment.

Ok, these definitions can run on forever, one word difference will change the definition or exclamation of a phrase.

Legalize is a language sheep assume is the same as the sheep English they bleat.

It is Not.
If you don’t have a natural ability of and for the understanding of the law, best just stay a sheep and make friends with folks who do understand the law.

Not talking about lawyers, they would not understand the true nature and meaning of law if it reared up and bit them in the ass.

They learn court procedure for fleecing the sheep.
Democracy, three lawyers and you in a corrupt yankee court room.

Who’s wallet do you think is going to pay for dinner?
Not the lawyers!

The USA “law” enFORCEMENT” leg breakers don’t have a clue what the letter and intent of the law is.
They hire below average intelligence people to be cops, (provable fact by intelligent persons suing PDs for not hiring them because they were too smart).

New York’s “Supreme Court backed up the New York Police Department on that.

This is so they don’t figure out the evil and corruptness of the system.
They hire sadistic cops so they will keep fleecing the sheep even if they figure out the evil and corruptness of the system.

“law” enFORCEment are Corporate employs.
Corporations are anti-human illusionary entities as they do not exist in the physical world.

ANY employ of a Corporation, owes their first allegiance to the Corporation which pays them and dangles a carrot of easy street retirement.

Not to the American Souls living one the face of the Land of North America.

Thats the Facts Jack!

The dangling carrot won’t do them any good for selling out their fellow man.
The Rats they serve are getting ready to remove the illusion of a retirement by “an Act of God”, the “CORONA Virus”, “which is responsible” for the coming economic collapse which will make these 401K’s, paper Gold and Silver go poof and disappear like the brief smoke from a rifle!
just disappear.

The same bunch who arranged for the 1929 collapse, hard depression years which followed, have arranged the final scene in the American tragedy which was a people turning their face from the true God, running off after world gain and momentary deviant pleasures.

This will be worse.

The economic horseman coming to America has a HUGE protruding male member full of Karma for the sheep.

Ok, ‘law” enFORCEment are not Peace officers, and a Peace officer, CAN NEVER be “law” enforcement.

“a “law enFORCEment is a leg breaker and a bag man for a criminal corporation.

An American Peace officer, does not act as a bag man, he puts the souls living on the face of the Land, his fellow town folk, county folk, Republic of Texas, occupied of course, folks fist.
He protects the souls from the Corporations, and other such evil spawn of the dark side.

You cops out there are trying to straddle a fence.
Fence straddling days are over.
You are for the common folks, or you are a rich Rat’s dick sucking evil oppressor of humanity.

Folks straddle a fence long enough, usually end up with a fence post up their ass or barbed wire attempting to remove their balls.
Which they are not using anyway, so not much of a loss.
keep em from passing on those defective genes!

Now John Q Public.
Stop acting like damed fools and animals.
If you have no honor, even a Peace officer can not treat you with honor.
Grow the hell up American delinquent children!
You have had three hundred years, you are still crawling, shitting your pants, and excepting someone else to feed you and wipe you ass.

Both sides need to grow the hell up, or shut the fuck up and be the good little slaves on the red Russian slave plantation the man the “law” enForcement works for is preparing for the American sheep, with the help of the stupidity of the sheep, and the evil of the yankee’s “courts” and “law” enforcement.

Occupied by the USA in a war crime for 155 years and counting, Republic of Texas.
The Ole Dog!