America is a 3ed World Shit Hole Because Americans Pissed in the Face Of The True God, Then Ran After False Gods


Americans were given another chance, in a new land.

As soon as things started getting a bit prosperous, they pissed in the face of the Light, and went running off after every deviant lust the dark side could promise them.

They murdered their leaders who remained loyal to the one True God, now not the God of the American sheep.

They were replaced with child raping war mongering bribe taking treasonous three shekel whore political prostitutes who swallow Red Shield Rat cum by the gallon.

Their asses have the Rat’s ding dong drip social disease.

They scream with ecstasy when their war planes blow to pieces some goat herders children who never heard of USA until the USA criminally attacked their country based on know lies, for the benefit of the red Russian Khazarian Mafia Crimes Cabal, in their beds, schools, churches, weddings, funerals.

Thats why American is a shit hole, because her people chose shit and evil, over good and Light.

The Ole Dog!