Abraham Lincoln is the Father of the USA, Not George Washington

Lincoln was a racist atheist who despised African Americans, (Historical Provable by his own words). “Honest Abe” used religious propaganda he did not believe in to get Americans to slaughter other Americans. He genocided an estimated 3/4 of a million Americans for empire building economic reasons.

First there were the Articles of Confederation, George Washington and his Winter soldiers fought under and for.
That was the first constitution.

Not debating the 2nd “constitution’s wrongness or rightness here.
It is a dead document, “Honest” Abe’ having killed it when he bankrupted the corporation it had formed.

The 2nd constitution, or the replacement constitution for the original constitution, the Articles of Confederation ceased to exist as other than a note in history during Lincolns’s Genocide of 3/4s of a million Americans, 1861-1865.

George Washington and a bunch more of the upperclass, movers and shakers, installed the replacement constitution, the 2nd constitution, a document which in fact made the then free Americans, slaves to a new slave master.
The united States.
That was the 2nd “constitution”.
Notice the small u on united, that is not a typo.

The States were still considered to be sovereign, although in fact they no longer were.
One is only Sovereign if someone else can not tell you what to do or steal part of your labor.

You could rightly at this stage call George Washington the Father of the Country, as there would not have been a free from Britain America without him during the war.

Now Comes “Honest Abe”.

He made illegal war against a Sovereign country.
Sent criminals of the lowest sort to gang rape and mass murder Americans for economic and political reasons.

DC waging war against America bankrupted the corporation George Washington helped form, and that corporation ceased to exist.
Along with it’s constitution.

“Honest Abe” the queer red Bolshevik puritan witch burning war criminal, substituted a 3ed “constitution which is very very close to the then defunct, gone, part of history 2nd constitution.

He formed a quasi legal 2nd corporation, which is basically a sub corporation of the evil of the red Russian Rat’s British empire.

George Washington ceased to be the Father of the Country, and “honest Abe”, the racist queer, shyster rail road lawyer, manic depressive un-moral excuse for a human, and a man, a war criminal had became the New Father of the USA, UNITED STATES, corporation, all capital letters.


The Land of the sheep!
And the Home of the American Slave!

The Ole Dog!