God’s/Nature’s Law is ABOVE man’s “law”

Do you understand how damned piss in the face of God it is for the USA to call their high court the SUPREME COURT?

The Supreme Court is not on this shit hole rock.

It is not run by evil corrupt Rat’s and their three shekel treasonous to Humanity, Pig Fornicating Sheep Monkeys.

Humble yourself Americans!
Eat massive doses of crow and humble pie.
Put sack cloth and ashes on.
Get on your bellies and crawl like a snake while hiding your face from God in shame!

YOU cowardly ball-less pig fornicating sheep monkeys betrayed the contract with God, if he would send help, send leaders, you would this time STAY on the path to Righteousness!
You damn well lied again, and God is disgusted with you.
He has removed his hand of protection and blessing from you because he can not stand to touch such child raping evil ass holes.

Or those who vote for them, and cheer them on in their crimes against humanity while pissing in the face of God.

Look inward both for the Devil, and your Salvation.

Thats where both reside.

The Ole dog!