The Father of The Country Sues For Divorce From The USA

Cousin George Washington has asked me as Kinsman and Clan Brother, to express to the “American” people his desires.

Here the are the words the Father of the “Country” has for the “American” “People”.
The Ole Dog!


The Father of the “Country” does hereby publicly make notice of dissolution of any and all association with the USA/DC.

He makes his desire known, to have his families name removed from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, sometimes referred to as THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, where the legions of shed innocent blood of little raped children, murdered, sacrificed to demon gods, cry out to the LIGHT for Justice.

He wants to make VERY CLEAR, he never had any use for the damned lying, thieving, un-honorable, treasonous yankee scum, but you work with what ever sorry humanity plebs are available.

He further demands the pedophiles, the Usury scum running that Not federal, No reserves, and Not a bank, Ratschild’s Red Shield Dragon illusion scheme, remove his likeness from their $1 dollar backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value fiat counterfeit money, made up out of thin air.

Ole George complains he is damned tired of being shoved into wallets with assorted war criminals and red Shield Bankers Bitches like the treasonous bitch Alexander Hamilton, the racist against African American queer war criminal shyster Marxist rail road layer “honest” Abe, the leading child gang rapers till death, thieves, arsonist, mass murderers of Americans, the drunk business failure Grant, then millions of times a day, shoved in rear pockets of obese “American” pig fornicating sheep monkeys next to the cracks of their fat sweaty asses!

There is a Toilet paper shortage remember!

American pig fornicating sheep monkey’s asses STINK!

He does give thanks to the LIGHT they put the American Lives sacrificing to the gods of the Red Shield’s World War 2 Farce Demon Repugnantvelt, FDR, on a coin instead of bill.

Not only is his evil mug not shoved in Georges face repeatably, but it is George’s opinion close to the lower head most “Americans” seem to think with, is the proper place for the Red Shields treasonous banker’s bitch Rat Cum Swallowing cocksucker.

Someone one said:
History don’t repeat itself, but its DAMN SURE RYMES!

He further makes know his distain for an evil people who will lie to God, promise to stay on the Path to the LIGHT, if given another chance at self ownership, to not be slaves, then run off after the Rat and Jackal whores as soon as they get a couple of comfortable lives under the protection the Light has given them.

The Father of the Country expresses his desire the “American” pig fornicating sheep monkeys achieve the ability to reproduce asexually.

And the pot bellied horse or fat pig bitch saggy teated sow they rode in on!

Ole George likes dogs, and thinks it is unfair to punish a good dog just because his or her master is a whinny little running after the dark side ball-less bitch.

He saith he has always admired Davy Crocket when he told them pig fornicating sheep monkeys:
“You sirs can go to hell!
I am going to Texas”.

Occupied Criminally by the International for Profit Corporation, USA/DC, Sub Corporation of the evil of the RAT RUN, “British” empire, for 155 years and counting, Republic of Texas that is.

George Washington, NOT the father of a bunch of ball-less un-honorable lying to God child rapers, mass murderers and thieves.

Ole George saith he believes the best used for sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, is to build a very strong tall wall around it, Post armed guards, let the few innocent non “governmental” type wards of the DC crime cabal “citizens” out.

Then truck in all of the east Coast garbage.
Lot of nuclear waste needs to go somewhere.
They made.
Let em eat and drink it!

Pile it till the evil and stench of innocent Childs blood spilled of the place is blocked from the senses of God by rotting refuge.

Further he saith not!

The Ole Dog!