God’s Hand of Protection and Blessing

A people cry out for deliverance!

God sends beings to lead them, teach them.

They get three lives of these beings.

If a people/country is showing progress, the beings time as defenders/teachers of a people can be extended.

But if not, three strikes, they are out, they are on their own.

God does not bring them down.

God simply hears their prayers for deliverance when they are humble.

He places his hand of protection and blessing over them.

When they have in spite of their promises to be good if God sent them help, continue running after the Dark, while abusing and murdering the beings sent to help them, God does not send anything to destroy a people or a country.
He simply because God is Light, can no longer keep his hand on the heads of such dark side loving evil pig fornicating sheep monkeys.

Therefore. God removes his hand of protection/blessing from them, and the evil loving pig fornicaters do the rest.

They destroy  themselves.

America has been hanging on because God’s blessing and protection was still there.
Now it is not.
Gods hand of protection and blessing no longer covers the heads of the American “people”.

I fear the removal of Gods hand of blessing and protection is very close to being removed from the head of all “humanity”.
Batten down the hatches.
Storms coming.

The Ole Dog!

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