The Three Monkeys, the Father of the “country” and the American Sheep

The American sheep monkeys whored out politicians, can speak no truth, while the American sheep who vote for the lessor of two evils, can see no truth or wisdom, can hear no truth or wisdom

The American sheep monkeys get pissed at any who dare try to make them face truth, the will of God for them to not be evil fucks like they are, but rather progress on the Path to the Light.

They are getting ready to vote for either a child molester, or a queers bitch who is married to an over the hill prostitute.

If America was any thing but a shit hole, repeatably feeling up little girls in public would disqualify one as “president”, as well as lead to a speedy trial, and a fair hanging.

Now I don’t know what kind of looser the child molseter is married to, but the queer’s bitch is married to an over the hill whore, a prostitute

And the American sheep Monkeys all say:
“God Bless America!!!!!

Why would he?

American sheep monkey’s God must like whores, pedophiles, queers and pissing in the Face of Jesus the Christ!

Jesus the Christ said throw a pedophile in the deep end with a heavy weight around their neck, not vote for them, cheer them on.

Cousin George S Patton once told a bleating sheep who informed him there was no such thing as reincarnation, “Maybe you don’t reincarnate, but I do”.

The soul which was George Washington gave England three lives, then in disgust transferred his flag to America, because the English sheep monkeys were evil dumb fucks, Pissing in the face of Jesus the Christ, who did not want to get on the Path to the Light.

They were talking about the father of the America country when the Rolling Stones sang:
“I watched in glee as your kings and queens fought for ten decades for the gods they made”.

Because of their evil, he gave them the bird, and came to America.
He got tired of dumb fucks trying to tell him how it should be done, he said, Fuck you, I am going to America, you can have this little shit hole, lets see how well you dumb asses who think you damned well know everything do!

And they slaughtered each other for a hundred years.
Damn right he was laughing at them!

He fought to build a better world in the new world, as the American people betrayed, cussed him his first life as an American.

The cowardly and ignorant American sheep monkeys blamed him for the failures brought by the Americans own cowardice, turning to evil, corrupt fucks as leaders.

The American pig fucking sheep monkeys, tried to kill Washington for thirty silver shekels from the British Rats, while ole cousin George was trying to save their asses.

He found when hope was hanging by a thread, yankee “puritans” from New England, were padding their rolls so they could draw more pay, more rations!

Now them damned yankee self righteous pig fucking zionist zombies were really working about the “Cause”.
Their “Cause”.
More shekels!!!!
More food!!

Greed, gluttony, lying, treachery, betrayal, cowardliness, sloth.

Yep, ole George really got a real bunch of “Americans” to try to save the pig fuckers from their own stupidity, greed, lust, slavery.

One man, from George’s own American protection details American pig fucking sheep monkeys, was executed, but a whole damn bunch of “Americans” were involved in the plot to assassinate George for British Rat shekels.

While he was trying, with no help from the evil fucks they chose to send to “congress”, to save the pig fuckers asses and give them self ownership, freedom!

His next life, the American sheep monkeys murdered him, shot him three times through the back for trying to show them the way to freedom, Honor, for defending his homeland from the invading USA little children gang raping till death, thieving, mass murdering, arsonist USA “soldiers”.

His next life after a life of service to America, the American sheep monkeys murdered him again.

America got their three lives.

Ole cousin George presently has furled his command flag as far as the America sheep people are concerned.

He is considering South America for his next command.

He said to tell the pig fucking American sheep monkeys he was able to conquer hate, but he has left a VERY STRONG DISDAIN for the American cowardly false god running after child molesting, lying, evil, corrupt, me first, hiding under their beds during wars that call for real MEN, real AMERICANS, ignorant, ball-less, arrogant self-righteous, delusional, cognitive dissonance zionist zombie virus infected low life, give me America pig fucking sheep monkeys!

He is not real damn happy about you pig fuckers keeping on murdering his ass for trying to save yours!

Perhaps there are some real Humans down in South America who are not evil child molesting loving sheep monkeys.

Some REAL Humans who don’t love to piss in the face of the messengers of the Light like the American Rat Loving and pig fucking sheep monkeys do.

The Ole Dog!

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