Why did George Washington and a Handful of REAL AMERICANS Fight the Revolution?

4:41-42 “How then if We brought From each People a witness, And We (Allah) brought thee As a witness against These People.

On that day those who reject faith and disobey the Messenger will wish that the earth Were made one with them: But never will they hide A single fact from Allah!”

Here in this verse we see that Allah will judge people based on what his messengers had told them.

Allah sent to nations and tribes prophets and messengers to direct those people from the Darkness, to the Light.

“God is God no matter by what name one calls God.”
George S Patton.

An American should be able to peacefully protest that which they find morally wrong, and DAMN WELL take their children to teach them duty, honor, standing up for what one finds wrong, without worrying about a federalized law enFORCEment type, killing or seriously wounding their children.

Thats what George Washington, my second cousin fought for.

My 3ed great grandfather Carleton who served three years, wounded at Brandy Wine & was with Washington at Valley Forge.
After his discharge, he served with the NC Militia.

3ed great grandfather Petty served two hitches, the 2nd as a “scout” for Washington. The British call such men spies and hanged them if caught.

4th great gandfather Wright, old enough not to go, but died soon after the war with lung problems from wintering soldering with his cousin George Washington.

5th great grandfather Wright, too old to go, served in the Virginia Home Guard.

On my mothers side, 4th Great Grandfather did 30 days with his State’s forces, fought for.

My 2nd great grandfather Tucker, was with my cousin Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814, during the war of 1812.

2nd great grandfather Dubose served in the Infinity then the calvary of the State of Arkansas when it was invaded by foreign baby gang raping evil masquerading as “soldiers”.

2nd great grandfather Baker, served they duration of the war criminal invasion by the USA, in the 13th Regiment of the Texas Calvary.
Married in 1864 the widow of a comrade in his outfit who died in the war.
Came home after the war, raised his comrades children with the children he and his wife had.

Lot of that happened in the devastated South.

2nd great grandfather Martin, 1st Texas Light Artillery, was part of the forces who took the Surender of San Antonio Texas, from the yankees, stared to guard the city until civilian authorities could organize a government and protection.

Great Grandfather Carleton, a second cousin to George Washington, served in the Arkansas forces, as first an enlisted soldier, then as a captain, as soldier and Chaplain.
He was also a medical doctor and helped the wounded, prayed for the dying, and shot child gang raping mass murdering invading yankees every chance he got.

His grandson, my father had no use for yankees, and told us family stories passed down of their un-repented evil against our people.

My fathers son has found all his father said to be true.

My grandfather Baker was in France during WW 1.

One brother occupation forces, Japan, and in country, Korean War.

Brother drafted, one year Viet Nam. VA still screwing him over on comp and bennies, big time.

Me, not as smart as my brother, volunteered.
Offered West Point, later enlisted on my own in the Navy, was a Sea Bee.
Desert shield and Desert Storm.

Son in law was a Marine on Air Craft Carriers.

Wife’s dad lied about his age, fought the Japanese in the Pacific Islands.

Her brother was the Command Master Chief on a navy Carrier.

Our lines fought not so Americans would be afraid the “government” was going to attack their children for the parents speaking out.

My lines BUILT this country, with a lot of help from other American who STILL LOVE FREEDOM, not slavery to an International for profit corporation, pretending to be a “government”.

If you are a loyalist to Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, after all the evil done the American Home Land, the American souls living of the face of the soil of North America, if your family was here during those times, they probably hid under their beds and informed the British on the where about of my ancestors and kin.

God by whatever name, (I personally prefer the LIGHT, as the true name of God can not be uttered by the human tongue), sends Souls, Beings, to each people to help them from their ignorance and darkness.

Throughout time, humanity, has traditionally killed those God sent to help them, and partied on in their self indulgent evil and lust.

They have fed them to wild beast, burned them at the stake, boiled them in oil, skinned them alive, called them names, made outcaste of them.

Ever wonder why George Washington, a man without whom there would not have been given freedom, went along with the 2nt constitution which took that freedom back from them, made them wards and property of a State, a “government” once again?

Why fight all those years, kill all those men, see those troops he loved, starved, freeze, go into battle without proper weapons, or enough of anything, die in battle, year after year while “congress” and their Usury friends tried to, and many cases did get rich off of the blood sweat and tears of the average American, and Georges Soldiers who he loved.

The winter solders who stuck with him through thick and thin, not the thousands of Sun shine summer soldiers who deserted by the thousands when the going got rough.

Because, of all the shit he had to eat from ignorant bleating cowardly sheep he was trying to lead into the Light of Self Ownership and Freedom, all the shit they said about him, all the names they called him, all the evil central “government” criminals, putting self gain about the good of their own people, their own land.

Because of what the bleating sheep did to, or allowed the central “government” to do to his soldiers, he knew if allowed to keep their freedom, they would soon trade it for a cold six pack, and a half and hour with a rented warm body.

He did not like the 2nd, the replacement constitution, but he saw it as buying the American people time to grow in a new land, spiritually till they obtained honor as a people, so they would accept the Duty which ALWAYS comes with self ownership, comes with Freedom.

He warned against having anything but trade to do with the old world full of hereditary evil and strife.

It is not commonly know, several trusted soldiers in his OWN protection detail took money from the British to assassinate Washington.
It was found out, one man was executed as a warning to treasonous American sheep soldiers.

The American people, after and even during the war, for the most part picked men to represent them, who had no honor.

Without honor, one is a slave to the Dark side.

Americans chose the Dark, and murdered those who offered them Light.

Thats why the Horsemen are coming for your asses, American Partying with abandon sheep

The Ole tired of un-repentive hypocrites, fools and cowards Dog

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