Palestinians hold vigil for George Floyd and Eyad al-Halaq-AMERICANS ARE THE NEW PALESTINIANS

NON SEMITIC red RUSSIA TURKMEN MONGREL KHAZRIAN INVADERS, from the STEPPES of RUSSIA, the red Russian Red Shield RATSchild’s worldwide Mafia Crime Cabal, Israhell, occupying the ANCESTRAL HOME LAND of the SEMITIC INDIGENOUS Palestinian souls, brutalize a INDIGENOUS SEMITIC Palestinian for the “crime” of being Palestinian in Occupied Palestine

I will try to link the video which is on youRube.
As I have been banned from YouRube for singing a patriotic song of the Southern struggle against the INVADING gang baby raping mass murdering thieving arsonist USA “soldiers” and telling the truth, (HATE SPEECH as per YouRube).

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Over 100 Minnesota law enforcement officers attended a 2012 conference organized by the Israeli consulate in which Israeli police trained them.

Israeli forces often use the knee-on-neck restraint on Palestinians.

Israel has been training law enforcement officers around the US for many years… (Meanwhile, Congress is poised to pass a bipartisan $38 billion package to Israel.

My drafted, spent a year in Viet Nam brother, who is eaten up with agent orange, bordering diabetic, many pre and skin cancers, pacemaker, keeps getting screwed out of benefits so “congress” can send American money to an enemy which has sworn to bury America, which keeps attacking America.
Germany, 1945.
JFK, 1963.
USS Liberty. 1967.
11 September, 2001, New York.
Every day from DC.

Minnesota cops ‘trained by Israeli forces in restraint techniques’

USA/DC law enFORCEment uses a proven ISRAHELL murder technique taught USA law enFORCEment by invading red Russian NON SEMITIC Turkmen mongrel Khazarioan Pedophiles occupying Palestine.

The Tired as hell of red Russians raping American children, stealing from and MURDERING AMERICANS, Occupying America from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, sometimes called DC, Ole Dog!

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank City of Bethlehem gathered on Tuesday night outside the Church of Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus, to hold a vigil in honor of George Floyd and Eyad al-Halaq.

The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police on May 25 has sparked widespread protests across the globe as people demand an end to police brutality and racial injustices in the US.

Just three days after Floyd was killed, Israeli police gunned down Eyad al-Halaq, a Palestinian man who had autism. He was killed on his way to a school for people with disabilities in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem.

Israeli police claimed they confused his cell phone for a gun. It was later discovered, after he was killed, that he was unarmed. The officers responsible for al-Halaq’s death have still not been charged with his killing.

In the wake of al-Halaq’s killing, protests expressing solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the Palestinian struggle for liberation have popped up across Israel and the occupied territories, with many people drawing parallels between Israel’s excessive use of force against Palestinians, and police brutality in the US.

In Bethlehem, demonstrators stood around a poster depicting photos of Floyd and al-Halaq with the message “Our struggles are one. #BlackLivesMatter #PalestinianLivesMattter.”

People laid flowers, lit candles, and chanted “black lives matter” along with other messages of solidarity and support for protesters in the US.

Mahmoud Zawahreh, a local activist, told Mondoweiss that “it is important for Palestinians to stand with all the oppressed people in the world, of all nationalities, who are the victims of racism and persecution.”

“Today we are asking for all the people who are under oppression to stand together against imperialism and racism,” Zawahreh continued.

“Our message for the protesters in the US, from the popular resistance in Palestine, is to stay strong and continue. We ask you to stay strong and continue the protests.”


Palestinians hold vigil for George Floyd and Eyad al-Halaq

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