Folks Who Want to “Fix” The Failed “constitution”, Would Marry Their Third Ex-Wife Again

I mean the lower male brain slurping bitch, (other men’s, not yours), who took you to the cleaners in court, and stole “Child Support” from you for damn near twenty years for kids not of your blood, has changed maybe?

Or is she just so damn broke and worn out, no one else wants her?
So she figures you were a fool once and married her when you were thinking with your lower head.

Why not again?
So the worn out bitch comes, bats her eyes at you, lets a bit of saggy teat show, and she figures she has your number.

Having observed the American sheep in action who reared up and walk on two legs, the evil worn out prostituted whore is probably right!

The second “constitution was a replacement for the Articles of Confederation forced on people who fought for freedom, but were not given a say in adopting a document which made them slaves again.
The REPLACEMENT and SECOND “constitution”.
Which is not the one you third ex wife lusting after bleating sheep want to “reform”.

Now it was either meant to make a slave plantation shit hole of America, or it was so flawed, so VERY weak it could not stop America from becoming a third world shit hole slave plantation overseen by baby raping, murdering, Usury practicing, Immoral and illegal war starting, American/America HATING, commie/zionism loving mass murdering red Russians.

The “constitution in place now, is not even the second one.
Nope, the third one.

The one you sheep worship, want to “reform”, was forced on the American people at the point of the rifle by the evil War Criminal African American Hating Abraham Lincoln, who invaded a foreign Nation.

Holocausted at least three quarters of a million Americans when he bankrupted the old Corporation, The United States, and replaced it with a look alike constitution along with a new illegally formed corporation, the UNITED STATES.

So you DUMB ASS SHEEP who want to “REFORM” the “constitution”, are so stupid you do not know this document you worship is twice removed from the Constitution the American Patriots fought for and under, for FREEDOM FROM OPPRESSION and Self Ownership.

I know you have to go, your Third ex wife is flashing a flabby cellulite leg with varicose veins.

And you think she wants your dick!

That longing gaze she is giving you is going right through your shriveled “manhood”, and is estimating the thickness of your wallet in your rear pocket of the pants you are eager to drop so she can get to your wallet easier.


Fool you once, shame on her!

Fool you twice, you are too stupid to maintain a free nation and People if the Freedom Source magically gave it to you!


Course someone paid for the First Freedom Americans were given!
just not the bleating ball-less bend over and take it up the rear trap door, third ex wife marrying sheep !

Now I try to not be a hypocrite, because the Ole Dog! despises hypocrites.

So here is where I put the Cravat and disclosure in.

I am not now, and have never been a sheep.
Down through the ages, I just figured any one so stupid as to think I was a sheep, did not need to pass their defective genes on anyway.
I mean, idiots breed and make more idiots!
More Sheep!

I am on my third wife, I do not have three ex wives.
Only two.

This one I have been with over three decades.

Unlike sheep, I looked at the flaws in the first two, the things which kept me and them from making it, and made damn sure at least most of them were not in the third women I married.

Ain’t been no pick Nik, but the struggles have made both of us grow spiritually.
We still have non physical oral sex at times.

%$#@ you!!

NO, &*($ YOU!!!!!

Nobody is perfect,
And sure as hell not the Ole Dog!

I gave her a fine gold star pendant as a medal for putting up with the Ole Dog!’s ass above and beyond the normal call of duty in a marriage.

Truth works better.

“He without sin, cast the first stone”.


If I HAD of divorced my third wife because she had sabotaged our trust in our relation ship, (She did not), I DAMNED well WOULD NOT have MARRIED her again.

I would either be on number four, or learned my lessons, bought a little land and cabin in the middle of sparsely populated country, just worked on my motorcycles on the front porch, read good books on the front porch or take the dogs and go fishing in the creek running by the cabin.

I would also have the yards at 100 yard intervals, painted on rocks in all four directions, so I did not have to guess elevation when sighting, if any wayward bleating sheep tried to break my social distancing rules on my land.

But then, I already said, I am not, and have never have been a bleating sheep.

The Ole Dog!

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