Repent America.

Southern Civilian murdered by firing squad by the USA’s “soldiers” for not obeying “Social Distancing” rules of the invading USA War Criminals.

Bud Dajo, Philippines

Wounded Knee, N.D.

Colombia, S.C.
Southerners murdered for trying to stop USA “soldiers” from gang raping till death, African America/European American, free and slave, children, ministers daughters and grandmas.

USA and Russia Murdered General Patton for Not selling America out to the red Russians, like FDR, Ike and a bunch more did at the highest levels of USA/DC.

Exert from:
DEATH-THE MURDER OF GENERAL PATTON DEC. 21, 1945, by Stephen J. Skubik.

When Father Stephen Reshytylo Was on the Russian List to be murdered with Patton, met Ike concerning the millions of Eastern Europeans the USA were forcing into the tender mercies of the mass murderer Stalin, where the USA knew they were to be murdered or woked to death as slaves in non human conditions.

“what brings you here?’ Eisenhower asked the priest.

At that the Father spoke very slowly.
“I have come in the name of God to try to help the innocent people you are forcing to return to the land they have fled.”

Then he added, “God will never forgive the Americans. The blood of these innocent people will be on your hands,”

“General” Eisenhower’s face turned a deep red.

The commie red Russian FDR’s “Uncle Joe’s” (Mass murderer criminally insane red Russian Stalin) solution to most things,.
Mass murder of humans.

The red Russian FDRs “Uncle Joe” is estimated to have murdered as many as 66 million people.

Repent Americans!

Repent of wars against those who did not first attack you.

Repent for supporting/ voting for, cheering for baby rapers, baby murderers, thus pissing in the face of Jesus the Christ.

Repent for thinking there was a free lunch.

Repent for believing the road goes on forever and party never ends, free of charge.

Repent for blowing children up in their schools, their homes, their weddings, their funerals, their hospitals, who’s parents and country did not first attack America.

Repent for letting red Russians promise you a free lunch so you shirked your duty to your children, grandchildren, to America itself, allowed America to become the red Russian slave plantation and third world shit hole it has become.

Repent for voluntarily cutting your own balls off so they can “safely” be stored by the red Russians in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, making you both politically correct and easily offended by the truth.

Repent for being treasonous not only to America, but to Humanity as a whole.

Repent for shaming your ancestors.

Repent BEFORE the Horsemen reach your ass.

The Ole Dog!

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