When I and This Rock Were Young

‘When I and This Rock Were Young’ When I and this rock were young- We strove to take our place among- The Universe so unending and all encompassing- Together we did seek the gods blessing- Let life grow in number, knowledge understanding and wisdom- Let assurance be with each setting sun, the Light will again […]

Iraq Warns Her People The USA in Conjunction With Saudi Arabia, are Transferring Israhell’s ISIS From Syria Back To Iraq

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior official of the powerful Badr Organization in Iraq warned that Washington and Riyadh have hatched new plots to reactivate the ISIL in the country. Mohammad Mahdi al-Bayati told the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website on Sunday that the US and Saudi Arabia are returning the fugitive ISIL members from Syria to Iraq. […]

Liberation From Insanity: Moscow Suburb in Open Rebellion Against Sobyanin’s Covid Gulag-Russians don’t fear the Rat Mayor

In a quiet town not far from Moscow, a nameless hero unceremoniously cut the Caution tape that once vandalized the neighborhood swing set. In a quiet town not far from Moscow, children are playing in the park as their parents (probably now unemployed, but with their self-respect forever intact) stroll arm in arm. In a […]