Some Finer Points Of Navigating The Preverbal Creek Without The Mythical Paddle Now The Organic Material Has Hit The Industrial Sized And Powered Propulsion System

If you do not respect others Rights, others Private Property, then there is no way you have any respect for yourself, or any right to try to tell people who have earned respect by trying, even the ones who have failed at things, keep picking themselves back up, going for it again, how to do jack shit!

Spare me the fake tears, self righteous indignation.
Any person really gives a shit about this animal murdering this man, in plain site, with the man begging to live, people begging the cops to let the man live, any person who truly cares about the cops trampling this mans rights, no matter what damn shade of tan he is, murdering him, would not dishonor his memory by looting, destroying private property.

World War 2 American General who saved the USA’s butt so many times in that war, General George S Patton had this to say about failing:
“I don’t judge a man by if he failed, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”

The USA and red Russia murdered him in appreciation to keep him from trying to stop the Cold War and from warning the American people about USA’s treason against the American people with the red Russian Bolshevik commie little girl and women till death gang raping and crucifying grandpas upside down red Russian “soldiers”.

(red Russians sound like Puritan little Southern children/ministers daughters gang raping till death yankees don’t they)?
Probably cousins!

Someone who got off their ass and tried to make a better world, even if they failed, has my respect while the sit on their ass, live at mama’s bunch in cities all across America last night, starting fires, beating up folks, destroying family business folks took a lifetime to build, has my utter contempt!

Yes African American folks too!
Saw a in his 40s-50s African American gentleman where his lives savings were put into his business, and in one night, people, many who have never had a job, ruined his life!

They said they were fighting for “black rights”.
Just not the rights of “Blacks” who’s businesses they burned and who’s lives they have ruined.
Stole from him his life work.

No one who will do that truly gives a shit who the police kill or why.

They just have a reason to do what comes natural to them, bitch and destroy what others built which the bitching fakes can not build.

ANY protest, and they are past time, which are done, MUST be peaceful!

Jesus the Christ, was for peaceful protest, not because if you bitch slapped him personally, he would not kill you ass, or a least hurt you bad, but because it made tactical and political sense when you are fighting an intrenched corrupt entitled “elite” crime cabal masquerading as “government” enemy, and they have most of the weapons and money.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King figured that out also.
Sun Tau said in the ‘ART OF WAR’, “sometimes the battle won is the one not fought”.

If you want a better America, there are two main points.

Use your numbers of peaceful masses demanding an end to the slavery by the “elites” of American Souls to deny legitimacy of the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac in the eyes of the world.


Look inward.
Only by owning your own self, your own “sins”, your own faults, can you grow spiritually and become a productive member of Human society.

Until you own your own faults, you can not fix them.

“He without sin, caste the first stone”.
Jesus the Christ.
You will notice he did not cast one either.

America is a shit hole because Americans sold their birthright for a cold Sixpack and a half hour with a warm body for hire.

Only when the MAJORITY of Americans have achieved TRUE HONOR, will America be worth a tinkers damn.

Words on paper mean nothing when the ones translating the words have no honor, would sell their aged mothers to a cat house for pensioners in Russia for another Ruble or shekel.

Without Honor, mankind is only an animal which has reared up on their hind legs, learned to communicate and use simple tools.

With Honor, comes Duty.
They can not be separated.

No free lunches.

Until when American’s hands go out, it is to help one less fortunate, one in need, and not expecting to have “free” shit dropped in it, America will be a shit hole of losers.

Your choice Americans.

Want to work to build a better world?

Or just tare down that which you do not have the integrity or knowledge to build yourself while having a bad attack of diarrhea of your someone else buys the groceries for it, pie hole ?

The Ole Dog!

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