Glasses and Asses

‘Glasses and Asses’

Some folks view the glass as half empty, some as half full-
The sheep worry that bone like a disinterested cow worries a bull-

If they would just fill the damn thing up or empty it out that would be that-
But then they would not be bozos trying to fight a meteor shower with a base ball bat-

The sheep “humans” spend their time chasing lust and gold-
While in their ignorance and sloth damning their own soul-

They run after a new false god with each changing of the season-
Running to and fro like grasshoppers in the summer without care or reason-

Like the grasshopper who has not prepared for the coming of the chilly winds-
Their sheep bleating grasshopper chirping song of no care of tomorrow lends-

A fore told conclusion to the tortured wasted evil history of man-
Disappearing from history like footsteps through low tide beach sand-

I view this world from this side through a darkened glass-
But I am pretty sure it ends with BBQed sheep’s ass!

The Ole Dog!

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