Jesus the Christ Said You Must Become as a Child to Receive Illumination

What he meant, is if you want to receive Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom, so you are fit to be in the presence of the Light, you must humble yourself as a child does, who knows there are many many things they have not a clue about.

Until one admits their lack of Knowledge, they can not receive knowledge.
The same holds true for Understanding and Wisdom.

He also said if one harms one of these children, they should have a millstone chained around their neck and thrown in the deep end.

After he cooled down a bit, he also said it would have been better if they had never been born.

Today “christians” cheer on child rapers.
They vote for them.
They go to war for them.
They offer their lambs up as DC sexual party favors and cannon fodder in red Russian pedophilic Rat Usury zionist wars which are detrimental to America/Americans.

All you self righteous warvangelical zionist end of timer “christians”, what Jesus meant, if you don’t want to have your soul kicked back to cock roach status, best damn well humble yourselves, put sack cloth and ashes on your evil asses, get on your bellies, crawl like a snake on your belly, begging forgiveness, while hiding you face in shame.

That includes that fat pig fornicating obese lying charlatan zionist Cult End of Timer snake oil and used car salesman, John Hagee.

The horseman are coming for your child raping and child raper cheerleading sheep asses Americans!

It’s called Karma, or in the KJV of the Roman “bible”, it is called:
“Be not deceived for God is not mocked, for whatever man sows, that shall he also reap!”

Are you ready for the Horsemen?
They will not be gentle.
Angels can be very terrifying when they are on the job!

The Ole Dog

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