“God Help America” Expat Ukrainian Professor Roman Smal-Stoki on USA’s Love of red Russia, 1945 shortly after the war ended in Europe

George called the Russians mongrels.
He saw them in action.
He said every German girl or woman ran from the Russian “soldiers” were shot, the ones who did not run, were raped.
Often gang raped till death, then the bodies raped with bottles knives, sticks.
Not to mention crucifying old German grandpas upside down ever time they found an old man.

Steven J Skubik worked counter intelligence under Patton.
He repeatably warned higher brass, and the OSS run by the British Empire double agent “Wild Bill” Donavan, a sold out commie treasonous to America, collaborating with the Russians against the interest of America, founder of the forerunner of the Anti-American British Empire asset, CIA, of the VERY CREDIBLE reports he was receiving of Russia ordering General Pattons murder for speaking out against and fighting red Russian Bolshevik communism.

It was his opinion when he wrote the book in 1993, OSS traitor Donavan and the Commies in OSS coltberrated with Russia to murder Patton.

More proof has come out confirming that since, and suggesting the order to kill Patton came from the White House, as well as the Kremlin.

When Skubik interview the esteemed professor, the professor warned Russia had ordered Patton’s Murder.

This was at least the fourth time credible people had warned Stubik of the plan and order to murder Patton.

When Stubik explained the OSS, higher brass, did not “believe” the reports, and “thought” them just a Ukrainian trick to try to come between the red Russian lovers in DC and the red Russians in the Kremlin.

The professor replied:
“God help America!”

Russia has never been the friend of America or the American people.

And the USA, DC, ordered the murder of General George S. Patton, kick ass war time hero, 1st cousin to George Washington, the “Father of the Country”.

Course that should not be a surprise.

The red Russian loving Lincoln’s bunch of yankee gentuza, assassinated George Washington’s great grand nephew, Lt. Col John Washington, Aid de Camp to Robert E Lee. last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon, recognized head of the Washington family in what would afterwards become West Virginia, 13 Sept. 1861, shot him three times through the back, divided his personal possessions as the centurions did Jesus the Christ cloths.

Seems like Washington DC, Loves red Russians and murdering George Washington’s family line descendants and kin.

The Ole Dog!

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