Switching Gears On a Down Hill Run On The Home Stretch

The past is the past.

The future waits it’s turn to be the present.

Think of this world as a school, and the souls occupying these two legged animals as the students.

For many ages, humanity has been offered the chance to evolve into higher spiritual beings.

But the pig fornicaters DON’T WANT TO EVOLVE.

Those the Light sent to try to help the pig fornicaters along, the pig lovers murdered them, threw shit at them, talked shit about them, boiled them alive in oil, burned them at the stake, skinned them while alive, hanged them, shot them, stabbed them, threw them in prison.

Most have either gone to the other side because they are tired of being murdered/abused by pig fornicators, or are just standing back, not engaging the enemy, the dark side, or the dark side’s minion of evil, the Rats.

Ask yourself, if you were an advanced being who was trying to help pig foricators who kept calling you crazy, the devil, all kinds of derogatory shit, killing you, how many lives are you going to try to help them?

Which comes to this.
Whether the pig fornicaters want to accept facts or not, this 26,000 year school class is coming to an end.

You pig fornicating bible thumpers call it Armageddon.
Vikings call it Ragnaok.

The final battle between good and evil, with a gathering of the souls.

This will not be a physical battle with sheep fighting each other.

This is a battle above the pay grade of sheep who fornicate with pigs.

So all that bull shit the jackal pig fornicater charlatan John Hagee peddles about the world ending, is bull shit from a charlatan lying son of a bitches mouth, for shekels.

There WILL be a gathering of souls.
I would not want to be the souls who did not stay the course.

Then a new school class starts, which last 26,000 years.
Those who did not stay the course, will either be sent to be something like a cock roach on a planet of bad tasting shit if they have failed enough times, or they will be forced to live again, the number of lives on this rock with pig fornicaters, which will fill 26,000 years.

All that shit again, just because they did not obey Natures/God’s/The Light’s rules and laws.

In the District of Columbia, sold out pig fornicaterts gang rape and murder little children in heathen black magic ceremonies.

And the USA sheep, cheer them on in their evil, their blowing little children to pieces in their beds and schools in other lands.

And vote for them again and again.
The Horsemen are coming for USA, before the End of Era battle by beings who are not pig fornicating sheep.

There may be time for some of you to save your souls from failing this class, and facing the consequences.

The sheep like to try to force man’s rules over the Lights Laws.

The sheep who can not stop raping children up the ass, or voting for jackals who rape/murder children, tries to tell Nature how things should be run!

On the day of accounting, these pig fornicaters will not be so lippy.
They will stand there with their damn lying mouths shut in shame, or if speaking, will be begging for mercy!

When I was a young man, I used to worry about my kids or grandkids having to face this.
Now I know, it is time.
These are the beginnings of the days of tribulation, before the gathering of souls.

I will fight the evil, as long as breath remains in me.
But I do not do it for the sheep anymore, I do it because I was fighting this evil before the sheep two legged Humanity candidates clawed their way out of the primeval slime.
I will fight this evil if the two legged plebs are made extinct as a failed species.
I and others have fought for the sheep to have a chance to grow.
The pig fornicating sheep damn well DON”T want to grow.

Oh well, the ones who are being removed from two legged status because of repeated failures of this class, will soon find themselves with more than two legs.

The sheep who will forced to repeat the class, will have 26,000 years to pull their heads out of their asses, again.

If I were a sheep, I would be begging forgiveness, seeking the will of the Light.
Might not save them from repeating the class, but a head start is always helpful.

Talking sack cloth and ashes, humbling ones self, getting down on their belly, hiding their faces in shame, taking responsibility for their own failures, their own divers lust, instead of trying to blame their failures on the Messengers of the Light.

BEGGING, BESEECHING, EARNESTLY, HUMBLY That Which Is for mercy and forgiveness!

Look inward for your salvation from evil.
you must do it the LIGHT’S WAY, not the arrogant sheep’s way.
You must own yourself, your good points, and your bad points.
You must work to grow the good side, while waging an endless battle, life after life, to diminish the amount of darkness in your soul.

“He without sin, casts the first stone”.

My VERY wise, dearly departed father used to tell me.
“I figure, if you are busy doing the things you should be doing, you won’t have time to do the things you should not be doing”.

It is my observation, if each soul worries about cleaning their own soul up till there is no room for the dark, they certainly don’t have time to be trying to tell other folks how they should do things their way, instead of the Light’s Way.

Then beg for Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.
One can possess Knowledge and have no Understanding or Wisdom.

It is like building a house.
Knowledge is your foundation, and it MUST be BUILT on TRUTH.
God’s Truth, not man’s.

Understanding is your frame, walls.
Understanding comes with begging for it, humbling oneself before the Light.
Admitting ones ignorance.
Taking responsibilities for ones own faults, ones own actions, good, bad or ugly!
Understanding MUST be based on God’s TRUTH, the Lights TRUTH, by what ever name one choses to call That which Is.

With Knowledge AND Understanding, if one Humbly, Earnestly seeks Wisdom, it will come.
Wisdom is your roof, without which the rest will fall to the rigors of time and weather.

Wisdom comes a bit at a time.

If it were given you all at one time, it would blow your fuses, trip your breakers.
Leave you drooling for who knows how long, so bad others would have to feed you and wipe your behind.

Sooner one gets started, sooner one gets to their destination.

If they stay the course, stay off the side roads.

The Ole Dog!

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