Social Distancing, A Tool of Oppression Always Used By Conquering Occupiers

One of countless innocent civilian ‘s murdered by the US Army in Missouri to terrorize the population into submission and slavery to USA.

Social Distancing is a tool to keep Americans from getting together, and deciding them baby raping mass murderers taking all the working mans labor, so the elite Rats can sit on their ass in splendor, eat the best, rape little children, start wars, without breaking a sweat Rats are the problem!

Rat’s are allergic to labor, an honest living earned.


Rats Run USA/DC, which is not now, has never been, will never be the same as America or the American souls living on the face of the Land of North America.

USA/DC is a sub corporation of the evil of the Rat run Baby raping, “British Empire”.
The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a corporation which was incorporated under British Empire “law”, is not the same as the united States of America, George Washington and a handful of real men with real ball who did not desert him like most of the American sheep did in the desperate times, fought for.

The SCAM of the Rat’s NOT federal, NO reserves, and NOT A “bank”, is ending in economic collapse and devastation of Americans as the Rat’s knew it would when they bribed an USA president, all kinds of newspaper editors, congressmen, “supreme court” members, to force their USURY SCAM on America.

Now as long as when the country went into decline from the pedophilic Rat’s theft of all things American, the Rat’s had their sold out minions in sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, to pass out “free” food, “free” entertainment, make sure everyone is running around with a buzz on having sex, the sheep do not pay attention to the rape of Lady Liberty and America.

But the Rat’s have decided enough is enough.
Cost too much to keep the illusion alive.

Rats have decided it is damn well past time for the sheep to understand they are slaves, and if some of them get out of line, don’t follow orders from the Rat’s minions, they will just damn well throw their ass in jail or kill them.

Rats figure it is time to let the sheep understand they are slaves to baby raping and murdering Rats.

The transition from the illusion of freedom, to the reality of slavery, takes a while.

In the mean time, the Rats could have sent the armies out, which damn well will fire on Americans, (Remember the war crimes by the USA CIVILIAN “government” & USA MILITARY against Civilian Populations 1861-1865, under “reconstruction”, 1865-1875, and the American Natives).

Send the cops out to kill or brutalize any who get out of line.

But the Rat’s fear if they institute true Occupation Terrorism before the transition is compleate, the sheep might when they get hungry, no jobs, kids malnutrition, kicked out on the street, start talking reality and what is to be done about it.

In Missouri, when the USA invaded, occupied, if two farmers leaned on their fence, and discussed farming, and yankee USA “soldiers” saw them, they damn well murdered them on the spot, claimed they were conspiring against the occupiers.

Social Distancing.

Now in the modern times, with modern communications, as censored as the news is, the Rats fear if they just start killing folks bitching about being occupied by red Russian Non semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian Rats, folks might really revolt before the chains are firmly locked around the feet and hands of Americans.


Now there is a “Virus” which means people should wear mask, so when they communicate, there are no facial expressions which help humanity communicate meaning and emotion.

Americans should stay home, not associate with other folks, cause if they get together, they might stat talking about how the Rats are eating everything they can the Americans have tried to store up, shitting on the rest, while spreading disease, baby raping and death.

Now, when the man sees someone breaking the rats rules, they arrest them, punish them to “save” the sheep from themselves.

You might ask yourself, why the same bunch which has said for generations, millions if not billions of humans need to be killed off, are “working feverishly” to come up with a “Corona virus” Big Pharma, (owned by Rats), Witches brew V voodoo heavy metal & live cancer cell infused Vaccine, to “save” billions of Humans from dying?????????

Hello Houston!!!!!!
We have one huge assed cognitive dissonance problem!!!!!!!!!

You see pictures of cops not wearing mask brutalizing folks for not wearing mask.

There have been cases where someone is accused of being exposed to the Corona Virus, if they do not play the game and stay home, cops, swat teams surrounding the house waiting to beat the hell out of, arrest, possibly kill the man or woman who knows this is all bull shit, made up fear porn, and does not want to participate in the ball-less stupid gullible sheep’s wet nightmare of a killer virus which will end humanity.

Guy the other day, somehow got enough booze down him to have a .55 blood/alcohol level, which is WAYYYYYYYYY past fatal, did die, and was label a Corona Virus Death.

Anyone who dies is being labeled a Corona Virus Death, to make the Sheep fear a non existent “pandemic”.

The economy was going to take a crap anyway.
Now, with the “Shutdown”, millions of family business going bankrupt instead of being blamed on the Ratschilds where it belongs, can now be blamed on God.

Millions of folks having their homes stolen through usury, will be blamed on God and not the Pedophilic mass murdering war staring Ratschilds who engineered the economic collapse and massive theft.

I told folks they were going to blame God.

Heard a talking head from the fed say, “The economy was recovering, [a lie] but then this Corona Virus blindsided us”.

There is no pandemic.
With all the drunks, bad hearts, bad kidneys, bad lungs, bad immune system deaths, drug over doses being labeled Corona Virus Deaths, the numbers are still, under or about equal to last years flu deaths.

Respiratory viruses do not kill the strong and healthy, but the already sick, weak persons.

Respiratory Viruses are the Coup de Gras which mercifully finishes off the terminally wounded animal.

But the Rats have used the controlled media, the Rat’s whored out political prostituted Rat’s bitches in “government” to spread fear among the sheep so the sheep do not gather, start comparing notes, figure out the root of all their problems is Rats!

The Rats have the Sheep’s fear of everything, controlling the sheep, giving them something to keep their attention on, while the Rats rape American children up the ass, sacrifice them in Babylonian End of Times Pedophile’s Death Cult evil black magic heathen ceremonies.

In days of ole, when the villagers got tired of the rats eating all the food stored for the winer, shitting on what they could not eat, the villagers would have a community ole time Rat Killing, and Humans fared much-much better for a season.

The Ole Dog!

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