“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”-Voltaire- OR BANNED FROM red RUSSIAN INSIDER for DARING to TELL the TRUTH!


After a serval year run of bitch slapping Israhell Hazbara’s asses, NEVER ONE getting the best of me on Disqus,

Have a friend who was about the same length posting and upvotes when a down vote Bot was turned loose on him, voted away all his up votes, Disqus refused to even acknowledge his attempt to get it stoped.
His notification accounts were frozen.
He was getting banned at or post put on hold at sites he had never posted at, he was on a black list.

My turn.

They can not beat you, they can not disprove your truth, they cheat, because they are honor-less minions for Rat little child rapers and mass murderers, and the truth is the truth, whether the sheep and the zionist zombie virus crowd damn well likes it or not.

I was allowed to continue to raise hell until it came to the Rat’s attention I was telling the truth about them.

There is probably not more than a handful of personal non profit blogs out there which are not cookie cutter State Intelligence sites run by Rat’s dick sucking little looser pedophile enabling cheerleading dick wads.

The Rats have been shutting down “internet news sites” which have out lived their usefulness.

Disqus was ALWAYS a Rat Run platform to spread zionist zombie virus lies and bull shit, by chump change paid hazbara looser trolls with a bevy of sock puppets each.

When o Truth teller entered into the fray to call their lies, the Truth tellers were already hobbled at the ankles, with one hand tied behind them.

Now the Rat’s Disqus is a dying platform which has almost outlived it’s usefulness.

They are tying the other arm of any truth teller behind their backs now.

The Rats are fearful and nervous.

They recall deep in their DNA and collective straight line family tree psych, in days of ole, when the villagers would get tired of the Rats spreading death, disease, eating everything they could and shitting on the rest, the village would have a big ole community Rat Killing!!!

Then Humans would fare better for a while.

At one site the stories just disappeared.
I bet having to swallow Rat’s cum is a disgusting job!

The Ole Dog!

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