1000 AD: A Tour of the Viking World // Vikings Documentary

The Vikings, while fierce warriors, were minding their own business until the little boy raping Church of Rome “missionaries” started poisoning the minds of the Viking youth, while raping the same, telling the Viking his God was not real, the Viking must accept and obey the Roman “god”.

Oh yes, and give of your wealth to the Church of Rome.

That is why the Viking people came boiling out attacking the “christian” kingdoms and countries.

If one reads Viking history, one notices the favorite places to hit first were churches and monasteries.

It was a Holy War!

When the Vikings took a church or monastery, if they did not kill the priest outright, they would casterate them and make them slaves.

They would casterate them because they were pedophiles.
They made slaves out of them as raping little children and stealing with religion were the two things most important in their perverted lives.

Casterate them and make them slaves, one removed the two largest rewards for evil their black hearts yearned for, from their grasp.

The Ole Dog!

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