Kris Kristofferson – The Silver Tongued Devil And I

I believe most of us have a bit of the devil in us, otherwise one would graduate. from this school House Rock.

The trick is to keep making the space the devil inhabits in your soul less and less, and increasing the space in our soul the Light inhabits.

If one does that long enough, one will finish their prison sentence on this jail house school house rock, graduate to the next school, the next level in an eternal pilgrimage towards the Light.

Keep the goal of complete fellowship with the Light in mind, batten down the hatches, Damn the Torpedos, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Life is about learning.
Not seeing how much shit you can not take with you one can accumulate in a lifetime of wasted years.

Life after life for many!

Look Inward.

Thats where YOUR PERSONAL devil is.
If you stay busy trying to get rid of him, you won’t have time to be trying to run someone else’s life.

Course personally, having taken a girlfriend or an wife here and there, I am convinced like Hel the keeper of the Underworld for those who do not obtain Valhalla, is a female, so is the Roman Devil.

There is a line from an old country song I sing every now and then which says:
I locked Horns with the Devil himself-

When I sing it, I sing it:
I locked horns with the devil HERSELF!

Yesterday, the wife was measuring to put something in the back yard.
She wanted one too big for the space there is.
I kept telling her it would not work, she had to go smaller.
She did not like the truth and was arguing with me.
I been married a long time to her, and learned a thing or two.
I said, get whatever the hell you can get them to put here put in.

One 0f the dogs knocked something over which made a thud.
Wife says, did you hit your head on the structure?
I said no.
She said under her breath:

The ole Dog!

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