Stop Blaming Made Up Boogie Demons For Your Own Evil Shit and Sorry Assed Degenerate Self

Satan is one of the zionist Zombie Virus Boogie men who get blamed for the evil in the two legged animals own beings.
In the beginning, there was the Dark, and the Light.
These remain.
Each two legged sheep animal, supposed to be working on becoming Human, is given free will to chose sides.
So if you are an evil SOB, blame your own lust, your own evil desires, not God, Not Nature, Not the Dark, Not the “devil’.
Each soul must look inward, for their own salvation from the dark side.
Each soul must earn that right to walk in the Light.
Nobody gives one diddly.
“For Heaven Knows what price to put on such a precious commodity as Freedom” [From evil Lust].
Thomas Paine
You earn it, you treasure your Freedon/ walk with the Light, you will not easily sell it shortly for a cold six pack and a half hour with a warm body.

The Ole Dog!

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