When The Bullet Hits the Bone, Jesus & Christ Will Be Judge and Jury

Meet Jesus & Christ.
Judge, Jury and executer.

No self respecting gentleman should be without a quality set of dueling pistols.

What would it be look like to bitch slap some lying ass pendejo yankee across his lying diarrhea of the pie hole, challenge the sorry carpetbagger ass hole to trial by Weapons, decision handed down by God, tell the ball-less cowardly rope chewing squat to pee Confederate statue stealing cum sucking son of a Khazarian Kat House bitch to choose swords or pistols, and not have a set to back your mouth up with!

I mean a ball less lying ass stealing yankee sure is not going to possess the tools of Honor, as yankee sons of child gang raping bitches have no honor.

The wipe with TP after squatting to pee wussy is not going to have a sword either, but I got enough to go around.

Just sitting on the front pouch drinking a cup of coffee listening
to Twilight zone with my dog, waiting for a package!

The Ole Dog!