The Urgent Need To Reinstate Dueling in America!

Cousin Arron Burr, Vice President of the united States, puts a usury Tax everybody, take their freedoms away yankee banker out of his misery in a duel

In the early years of America, men were much more polite to each other.
Oh here and there some Zionist Puritan yankee told some lies about some Southerner, but the solution was simple.

Bitch slap the mouthy yankee across the face, points given for style if some yankee teeth hit the floor.
Allow him to choose his weapons.
Shoot him, or ran a sword through him!
Problem solved!
One less Zionist telling lies in the world.
Wonderful solution.
Made the Zionist chaff having to watch their smart ass mouths.

Alexander Hamilton was a Criminal Zionist Banker.
The un-honorable Usury son of a taxing everything bitch, caused no end of harm to the short lived freedom the American People won from Britain.

Aaron Burr, the Vice president, (and i am proud to say, a cousin of mine), finally had enough, bitch slapped the damn zionist yankee, and shot him dead on the field of Honor. Problem solved!
Had he done it a few years earlier, things might have turned out better for the American Souls living on the face of the Land.

Cousin George Washington should have bitch slapped cousin Hamilton, shot him his own self instead of cousin Burr having to do it.

I have siblings I will have nothing to do with!

Pendejo ran his mouth about my cousin Andrew Jackson’s wife.
Cousin Jackson shot his ass in a duel.
Problem solved.
No one else wanted to insult his wife!

The Zionist Puritan Yankees just would not stop being smart asses, lying, stealing, molesting children.
The child gang raping till death yankee spawn simply refused to act civilized and stop their deviancy.

In self defense, they passed a law which said Southerners could no longer bitch slap them, and kill them when it was very evident that it needed to be done.

Mr. and Mrs. America, Dueling must be reinstated!!!

You will notice that when the country really started going to a zionist hell in a handbag, was when it was made illegal to bitch slap pedophilic zionist yankee politicians and shoot them, or run a good blade through them, either one.

If you ever want your children to be safe, if you ever want to be safe in your very own homes, if you want your children to stop being used as sex toys and cannon fodder by the cowardly, pedophillic, zionist yankee politicians, you had better see to it that the honorable practice of settling differences on the Field of Honor, MUST BE reinstated expediently.

Just think how this would solve Americas problems.

Ass hole zionist scam a bunch of people out of millions of fiat dollars.
None of this Zionist sweetheart deals of taking care of each others crimes!
HELL NO! Every person he scammed, lines up, bitch slaps him, and challenges him to a duel.
The people might want to figure out who the real dead eyed Southern boys are, let them go first.

You find out that Your Federal USA Empire Senator is raping and murdering babies, but his pedophillic buddies are covering his butt.
No Problem. Bitch slap him and demand satisfaction on the Field of Honor. Problem solved.
Children are now much less likely to be raped and murdered.

See how much better our ancestors had things figured out!

Talking head on the MSM keeps lying their ass off to the people, causing no end on trouble and harm to America.
Well son, bitch slap the lying Zionist bastard!
Tell him, do you prefer gunshots or blade thrust?

A dishonorable habitual lying New York yankee pendejo tells a bunch of lies about your Honorable Southern ancestors, steals a Park, Two cannons, a time capsule, the Memorial to your Honorable ancestors, and is totally unrepentant and has not locked his pig foricating self in his office with sackcloth and ashes in shame of the lies he told on better men than he could ever be!
I mean, one first has to be a man.

Well just bitch slap the rope chewing lying bitch, inquire if his digestion system is craving lead or steel?

See how this would tend to straighten things up in America.

Would not have ever got this far into a oppressive shit hole if Dueling had never been banned in Self defense by baby raping Zionist!
This is also a practice which must be returned to all the World.

Enough wars for the baby raping and sacrificing in demonic satanic rituals evil from the RothsRats.

The Rothsrats whore as “head of State” in some country, wants a war, fine, the head of state of the country they want the war with, fights a duel with the Rats head of State whore.

Unless the cowardly baby raping head Rat wants to take the place of his minion carrying out the Rats’s evil.

Time to make the Field of Honor Legal again!

Time to take out the garbage!

Time to get er done!

The Ole Dog!

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