Plandemic Documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid 19- OR: Why Does YouTube HATE Americans so much, But LOVVVVEEE_Israhell SOOOOO MUUUUCHHHH??????


YouRube don’t like truth!

I got banned from YouRube for telling a bit of true history of the war of aggression, child gang rape till death, theft, mass murder of unarmed civilians, mass arson by the USA against the CSA.

I sang a Southern Heritage song, got 41,000 plus views, with lots of folks from all over the world making comments in support of the South and the truth.

YouRube banned me for “Hate Speech” for telling then truth and folks paying attention to the truth.

Why does YouRube Hate America and Americans soooooo much?

Why does YouRube Looooovvvveeee Israhell so much?

The Ole Dog!

PS, here is the same video from Bitchute embedded on a site.

Plandemic Documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid 19

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