When I and This Rock Were Young

‘When I and This Rock Were Young’

When I and this rock were young-
We strove to take our place among-

The Universe so unending and all encompassing-
Together we did seek the gods blessing-

Let life grow in number, knowledge understanding and wisdom-
Let assurance be with each setting sun, the Light will again come-

Let the Earth’s dew be each morning kissed gently by the new day’s sun-
Let the rain fall till the rivers flow and to the sea run-

Let mankind grow with the grace of Nature and God-
Let man be a friend, at one with the earths sod-

Let the creatures great and small respect the Law of nature’s path-
Let not mankind reach their hand into the depths of the darkness and it’s wrath-

But the Pimps of the Dark Side promised to lazy moral-less greedy self serving man-
An easier path to all their lust cried out for, instant gratification in a new Land-

Till the new was turned as black as the old-
The lust for pedophilia, power and gold-

Earth now groans neath the ever nearing train wreak of the changing of the guard-
When the wayward souls shall in horror meet their new overlord-

The Messengers tried everything to get the engineer to push the throttle to a slower speed-
But of caution a people drunk on generations of the saints blood felt no need-

They drunkly in their stupor cried for another round-
As the runaway train topped the incline and started to drop down-

It will be finally over at the end of the sudden debauchery drop-
It will be with surprise they discover Hel is the trains next scheduled stop!

The Ole Dog!

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