Twas The Day Of Dawning of the Doom of Man

‘Twas The Day Of Dawning of the Doom of Man’

Twas the day of dawning of the doom of man-
The day perspective human’s left the Light’s plan-

The candidate for higher souls shirked from what was involved-
When the Rats came along pimping for the dark side the plebs thought it was all solved-

A shortcut not involving all that work, pain, strife with harsh lessons learned-
And they could feed their perverted selfish lust for which their slovenly souls burned-

So the sheep partied on and herd punished any who asked-
Why they did not keep to the hard lessons learned the Light had tasked-

The souls with if they wanted to evolve beyond primitive two legged animals with burning lust-
If they wanted to evolve to a species with souls the Light could trust-

To attend to their own affairs without the Light’s guiding beings-
These many lives given the primitive souls a test of the Light seeing-

If the experimental species would live or die-
The way they run after the Rat’s illusion means for humanity, it is good bye-

A failed species too proud in their evil and ignorance to humble themselve-
The Light says there is simply nothing else to do left.

Ragnorok must come, the Rat’s illusion must die-
The fickle souls must pay the price for embracing the Rat’s lie!

The Ole dog!

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