Covid-19 and The Red Dawn Emails-Or the Plan To Herd The American Sheep Right Through The Slaughter House Doors By USA/DC

As you have all been exposed to the flu, we are going to quarantine you all together inside barbed wire, but every sheep gets a multi-pack of toilet paper and $1,000.00 of fresh printed out of thin air Not federal, No reserves, & Not a “bank” toilet paper green backs in every pot!

The Covid-19 outbreak has so far killed more than 200,000 people and frightened billions more into panic. A panic that deprives most of them of any critical sense and pushes them to make or approve stupid political decisions. A group of personalities, Red Dawn, whose correspondence was revealed by Kaiser Health News and the New York Times website, managed to impose an apocalyptic ideology: China would have declared war on us and we could only protect ourselves by confining all civilians.

In an earlier article [1], I demonstrated how frightening statistical predictions of the number of deaths that Covid-19 would cause were made by a charlatan, Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, who has been repeatedly contradicted by the facts over the past two decades.

I have also shown in another article [2] that the containment measures in China were not medically motivated, but politically motivated (the “Mandate from Heaven” theory). It remains to be explained where the mandatory containment of everyone as practiced in the West comes from.

I spent weeks and weeks looking at epidemiological literature, but nowhere did I find any evidence of such a measure. Never in history has an epidemic been fought in this way. Then, a corner of the veil was indirectly lifted by correspondence revealed by Kaiser Health News: this measure had been planned by the Bush administration in 2005-07.

The assignment of military and civilians

In 2005, the US Department of Defense was studying how to prepare for bioterrorist attacks against US troops stationed abroad. Based on the neo-conservative principle that terrorists are foreigners and that they would not be able to enter US military facilities, the department was concerned about preventing attacks that soldiers might face during their sorties. Isolating sick soldiers in hospitals and placing healthy soldiers in barracks was a logical option. Moreover, U.S. military bases are small towns, designed to withstand sieges. One can live there for months without any problems.

However, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld intended to transform society so that the distinction between civilian and military would disappear. Everyone could then be requisitioned for the total war on terror. This is what he explained in an op-ed published by the Washington Post [3].

Dr. Carter Mecher of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Dr. Richard Hatchett of the National Security Council have been asked to extend this military rule to civilians. They were only able to impose it on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2006, just before Rumfeld’s departure.

It immediately sparked a storm of protest in the United States under the leadership of Professor Donald Henderson, who had headed both the John Hopkins University School of Public Health and the US epidemic response system. He – and all the doctors who spoke out at the time – believed that placing the entire population under house arrest made no medical sense and violated fundamental freedoms. It is nothing more and nothing less than the totalitarian drift of the administration that had passed the USA Patriot Act on the occasion of the September 11 attacks.

It was not until 2017 that all official US documents mentioning this measure were destroyed by the Trump administration. Richard Hatchett became the director of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), which coordinates global vaccine investments.


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