Little Red Riding Hood, The Red Shield Rat’s & ‘Mayor” Pendejoberg’s Illegal Passion

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

Once upon a time, in a Land real close, there lived a vivacious American Viking lass who also carried in her veins the passions of the Indigenous peoples of America.

One day it came to pass the sold out political whores were ordered by the RATS to shut down the whole world, blame it on a respiratory virus which was killing about as many already sick as last years Hoo Hum Flu.

Undercover of threats of imprisonment, robbery via “citations”, the Rats whore’s in “government” whipped up panic buying of everything while shutting down most business, restricting availability to the ones left open.

As most Americans had become soft, sheep type people, ball-less, brain-less, drones, they had not prepared their households for such emergencies, real or made up as this one was, and soon the people became hungry and started stealing from each other.

Violence became commonplace.

People seen on the streets or paths with food or supplies like toilet paper or bottled water were in danger of being beat up, robbed or even killed for what they possessed.

Usually grandma came over to Red’s house to get the Fresh, vegetables, the accessional hunk of goat meat, but she had caught a common cold.

Being a wise ole lady, she knew if the authorities found out, they would accuse her of having this about like usual respiratory virus, break her door down, kidnap her, strap her to a table, force killer meds into her veins, not allow loved ones to hold her hand and hear her last words as the State murdered her.

When they succeeded in murdering her they would bury her in a mass grave and not allow a funeral, or at best one on a big TV somewhere.

So she called up Red and asked if she could make some goat stew and bring a bit over for her with a couple dozen fresh eggs.

Red got everything to gather, slipped the dagger which hung between her shoulder blades on a strip of cord over her head, slipped the cord around her neck which held the small .32 pistol which hung between her Breast, got her staff made out off hard wood with a ball carved on top the right length for walking or crushing in the skull of some jackal, slipped her .380 DAO into her right pocket of her red hooded outfit, slipped the snub nosed 38 special revolver in the left pocket, strapped her four inch .38 under her riding outfit on the right side, her dad’s old GI 1911 A1 .45 on the left side, got her cell phone, speed loaders, extra loaded mags, cool sunglasses, jumped on her bike, kick started it, and roared off towards grandmas.

Hey Red was qualified to wear the Navy & Marine Core Expert Pistol Shot Medal.

In this captive city, there resided a rope chewing squatting to pee New York yankee carpetbagger called “mayor” Pendejoberg, and just plain pendejo by most.

Being an evil and despicable cowardly lie telling public teat hanging sort like most yankee child gang raping till death thieving arsonist mass murdering USA yankee spawn, he had invited, nay begged all the petty thieves, whores, child rapers, women rapers, boy rapers, well fare collecting, Mexico loving gentuza Mexico wanted to get rid of to come to this city so the natives could be taxed into serfdom to finance the decadent pig out of the Teat hangers at the dens of iniquity called County and City “governments”

He was allied with the equally dishonest lying sack of pig shit which served as a “county judge”.

These trash balls, lured by pendejoberg and his RICO criminals down at City Hall, proceeded to reign terror and crime on the people of this city and county, as the police were told to keep their hands off pendejoberg’s illegal voters.

It was because of this, her dad’s training, as well as her Viking genes which caused little Red to arm herself so in the current over the freeway and to Granda’s hose we shall go.

As she neared the entrance to the mostly deserted freeway from a side street, two of Pendejo’s illegals jumped out yelling for the bitch to stop and take their “chorizo” like a good gringo bitch!!!

Little Red took her left hand off the bar, reached into her left pocket, shot each through the weapon they were threatening to use on her, returned the 38 into her pocket, swerved around their prostrate moaning kicking forms, and roared onto the freeway as the gentuza bled out on the cracked, shoddily built pot holed asphalt street.

She sped down the freeway enjoying the wind in her face.

Soon a car appeared with paper tags, smoke beltching out the exhaust, unkept looking individual at the wheel, looked at the nice classic bike Red was riding, got pissed off people who worked hard got what he did not for sitting on his ass, decide to screw with the bitch on the bike.

As the car made it’s fifth roll at high speed, Red slid the .45 back in to it’s holster left handed.

Arriving at Grandmas, she saw a group of pendejobergs boys trying to break down grandma’s door.

Suddenly the door flew open the unending reverberating booms of grandmas sawed off pump 12 gauge seemed to take the steam right out of them.

Ahhh grandma Red complained, you did not leave any for me!

I am sorry honey said grandma.
But as I am feeling a bit under the weather, while I eat that goat stew would you be a dear, drag that carrion down the street a few houses will you, and wash the porch off?

Sure Grandma.

And tell your dad to send me a couple more boxes of 12 gauge.

He did.

That’s my boy!

After a nice visit, Red enjoyed a nice bike ride home.

As she walked in her dad asked how it went.

Well she replied, I have to clean the snub 38 and the .45, and grandma needs to clean her pump shotgun.

Better take her couple more boxes next trip over baby.
You seem to have gotten some blood on your riding boots there.
Better clean them.

Yes dad!

The Ole Dog!

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