Can You Say, The Organic Material is Getting Ready To Hit The Industrial Arial Propulsion System?-Wave Of Repos Imminent As Subprime Auto-Buyers Miss Payments

Subprime car lenders report a sharp drop in auto loan payments. In a sign of upcoming trouble, Subprime Car Buyers Miss Loan Payments. Credit Acceptance Corp., the lender to car buyers with subprime credit scores, warned it’s seeing a sharp drop-off in payments as people shift their financial priorities to get through the coronavirus pandemic. […]

Little Red Riding Hood, The Red Shield Rat’s & ‘Mayor” Pendejoberg’s Illegal Passion

Once upon a time, in a Land real close, there lived a vivacious American Viking lass who also carried in her veins the passions of the Indigenous peoples of America. One day it came to pass the sold out political whores were ordered by the RATS to shut down the whole world, blame it on […]