Hard Times, (But No $20.00 Takers) on Americas Streets!

This hysterical shut down over a cold which is killing about the same or less already shaky physically sick folks than last year’s Hoo hum flu, is putting some of America’s oldest institutions out of business.
Look what physical distancing has done to this poor fellow’s business!

Poor fellow!
He was afraid to pay social security and income tax because if he admitted what he and his gals did, the Man would throw them in jail, fine them so the court was cut in on the profits!

So here he is, old, hard times, gals not allowed close enough to apply their trade, he can not claim social security or even wall-fare as he has no fixed address any longer.

Are old whores and pimps supposed to just go off and die?

These folks have filled in for frigid housewives scared by sadistic charlatan priest and preachers for generations of going to hell if they enjoyed sex in or out of the marriage bed, and in any position!

These street walkers and their hawkers preformed a vital service.
They have saved more marriages than marriage councilors and bible thumping preachers put together!

Now they are to be cast aside because stupid inapt political whores who put the street kind to shame, shuts the country down to further the aims of the Rats!

These are Americans Folks!

What happened to the American dream?

The Ole Dog!

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