The Little Red Hen & The Modern zionist Zombie Virus Infected American Breed of Head Up Assus Sheep, with the “government” Playing Chicken Little

The Sky is Falling Because the “Corona” virus is coming!!!!!!! Once right now, in a land real close, there was a land of opportunity. But to make it a good land of good people harmonizing with God and Nature, took Honor, Self Control, hard work and dedication to the cause. Which most American sheep lack. […]

Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarians in Control as Virginia goes zionist

Politicians, bureaucrats and media talking heads have long turned a blind eye to legislation and policies that benefit the state of Israel to the detriments of United States’ interests. The U.S. Treasury is plausibly describable as a gift that never stops giving to the people and governments of Jewish state. Since the foundation of Israel […]