The Treasure of This World, Is Not In This World

Look through history.

It is filled with a few who’s names are recorded, who would be King, the biggest baddest, the billy goat gruff on the top of the pile, on top of the rock, on top of the highest mountain.

Armies rushed together, the blood flowed freely, men died of their wounds for days, weeks afterwards.

Children were left crying, not understanding why their father never came home.
Mothers, fathers heart broken, fresh widows who’s world was just devastated.

One side won, one side lost.
The wealth flowed one way or the other.
Certain families got richer, more powerful, others fell from power.

When these people who would rule die, do they take the lands, gold silver they have wrested away from others with them?
Will all the worldly acclaim they have achieved in this life, all the wealth, does it follow them to the other side?

No the second their last breath. is released from a dead body who’s soul is gone, all they have strove for becomes some one else’s.

But the lessons learned, the kindness you nurtured in your heart so it grew, allowing you to help those along the way with no expectation of repayment of kind, the knowledge gained, the understanding fought for, so that the wisdom can follow, these the soul takes with them to the other side of the vail.

The treasure of this world is the pain which causes the soul to grow, watered by the tears of sorrow for hurt in others one can not wipe away, as well as the loss of those we hold dear from our lives, through death or betrayal.

When the pain of growth is willingly embraced as the price for advancement spiritually, the soul has grown and this growth is taken with the soul to the other side while the body feeds the worms on this side.

So the treasure this world offers can be obtained here on this rock, but it can never stay here, as it is now part of the souls’s path towards the Light, and goes where the soul goes.

That is why one can be sure anyone calling themselves enlightened who is wasting their life in pursuit of world lust, treasures or fame, walks in the darkest places of the soul, and knows not the true treasure which is offered by this world, this life.

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his own soul”.

Time to grow up humanity.

Each species is given a chance to grow, to adapt.

The Universe, as well as this rock is littered with the bones and fossils of the species which did not accept that offered gift and adapt to a changing world.

New age coming, the old one is slipping away.

One must change with the times, or become those bones of a failed species dug up by a future advanced species, which will wonder why the human race became extinct.

It is simple.
They placed their faith in the treasures of the physical earth and it’s momentary satisfactions, turned their back on their duty to their race, and tried to steal everything from everyone else, take what they wanted no mater who was hurt or payed and turned their backs on the spiritual truths this world had to offer.

Humanity must decide if they want to survive as a species.
If the answer is yes, then EACH person needs to look inward, that is where the evil which assails this world and humanity lies,

God/the Devil, the Light, the Dark, neither side forces a person to follow their path, pick their side’s wares.

It is each person who decides if their life on their earth will be a positive or a negative force.

Do you want a better America, a better world?

Look inward for the answer.

The Ole Dog!

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