The Fools Men and Women Make of Themselves-Middle Age Crazy-Jerry Lee Lewis

Personally, the wife and I were too busy fighting the alligators which were trying to eat our asses while we were trying to wade through the swamp of modern life.

I have however, always found the song to be beautiful.
I have watched many people have the middle age melt down, and piss off all they spent 20-30 years building.

Know a former couple now, have know her 35 years probably.
She had a marriage with seemed to be a solid man, they had a couple of kids.

Them as he was getting a bit of age, he had an affair with some younger bimbo, got divorced, went off with the bimbo.

My wife came home one day, said she saw them at a store.
I said I thought they got divorced.
Wife said they did.

Said she told the wife he wants to come back.
She told him, your crazy, we are divorced.

Sometimes that older car you have had a while may not be as snazzy looking or sleek as some new fast sports model, but it is paid for, it is familiar, comfortable, has a hell of a lot more staying power, and proven.

But a beautifully sung ballade about men making fools of themselves.

The Ole Dog!

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