The Roots Of Yankee Empire Building

The War of Northern Conquest is easier to understand if one sees the bigger picture. The war which began in 1861 was a 30 year war to steal resources and eliminate any resistance to the US government. As soon as the War against the South was concluded the US government commenced a new war in the West against the Plains Indians. In June, 1865, barely two months after the end of the Southern war, both Sherman and Sheridan were waging a war of extermination against the Indians in the West.

Eventually, John Pope, O.O. Howard, Nelson Miles, Alfred Terry, E.O.C. Ord, C.C. Augur, Edward Canby, George Armstrong Custer, Benjamin Garrison, and Winfield Scott Hancock all joined in the slaughter.

Now, as before, the army, in its Indian warfare, often wiped out entire villages. Sherman, Sheridan, Grant, and the other “Civil War luminaries” all considered Indians to be subhuman and racially inferior to whites, a belief that they used to “justify” their policy of extermination.

US troops conducted more than 1,000 attacks on Indian villages, mostly in the winter months when families would be together. Orders were given to kill everyone and everything, including dogs. A war of extermination was also waged on the American buffalo, since it was the Indians’ chief source of food.

The “Indian Wars” were actually a continuation of the policy of extermination that commenced by the Lincoln administration during the War of Northern Aggression. This type of a war of extermination or genocide was repeated hundreds of times from 1861-1890, when Sherman’s “final solution” (he coined the term, not Hitler) was finally realized with the final massacre at Wounded Knee where over 300 – mostly women and children – were murdered.

Thus the Yankee Empire was established on the North American continent and the stage was set for international expansion.


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