“The Duty of True Patriot is to Defend His Country From It’s Government”

A Great American, one of these Men which without his contributions there more than likely not would not have been a Non British America.

As George Washington stood outwardly showing assurance, but not at all sure he was not leading these men to their deaths, but knowing without the success of this move, there would no more of the six month old united States of America, he had read to the troops waiting to enter those boats on that cold dark Christmas Eve night, Tomas Paine’s words on summer and winter soldiers.

George, Thomas, several of my Great-Grandfather types, were winter soldiers, who stuck with George through thick and thin, and I honor all these men mentioned.

Today, looking at the shit hole the yankee atheist pretending to be “christian” have made out of America, and are currently trying to apply the Coup de Gras to the American Homeland and American Souls, are you a cowardly egg sucking, child molesting, Penney stealing, candy from a baby stealing coward who will not stand up, speak up for the Land which gave them a chance to be more than animal slaves?

Do you out of your summer soldier cowardliness sell your prodigy into perpetual slavery so you will not personally have to bare any pain or burden?

Or are you like Thomas Paine, a Winter Soldier, one who put his ass into the crosshairs of the British cannon’s Mouth by standing up for what was right, what was good, despite the personal danger he knew such actions and words brought to him?

If men like him, and the ones who climbed into those boats on that cold dark night, hearing the words of Thomas ringing in their ears, if such pilgrims of Duty and courage, if men of such conviction no longer are of good number in America, then America is not worth saving!

The Ole Dog!

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