The Ole Dog! is Proposing Mercy Camps in Siberia for Quarantining Zionist Zombie Virus Infected Host Animals

The Ole Dog! proposes Mercy Camps for the highly contagious and very destructive zionist Zombie Virus Infected former Humans.

Instead of having an ole time world wide Rat Killing in defense of Humanity, the terminally infected with the evil of the zionist Zombie Virus ones would be gathered, quarantined in Mercy Camps in Siberia, with no contact to uninfected Humans, until the virus killed the former human soul-less two legged. animal host to the pedophile and death causing virus.

I call them Mercy camps, as it would show mercy by Humanity to let them live.
AS LONG, as they do not try to break quarantine so as to further infect and victimize Humanity.

Of course the Non Human leavings of the toxic zionist Zombie Virus would have to be sterilized, otherwise the infected pedophiles would have more babies to rape/murder in their Virus caused depravity.

Bomb Iran!!!!!!!!!

The head up Assus American Breed of Sheep, worshiping at the alter of their GOD!

USA burns children to death in their homes and church in Waco, Occupied Republic off Texas

Non Semtic red Russian expat & Spawn thereof, Turkmen mongrel khazarian. zionist Zombie Virus two legged animal host mutilates for perverse pleasure, the freshly Holocausted body of an Indigenous Semitic Palestinian for the “crime” of being Palestinian in Occupied Palestine.

Any questions?

The Ole Dog!

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