Jesus the Christ Said: “Thou FOOL!”, I Reckon He Had You In Mind.

Had this evil pedophile vaccine whore trying to mount my leg again, with about the 12th or 13th sock puppet of the day.

This was on a site where ANY naughty words rates a hold which never gets taken off, their site, their right.

And the Old Dog! is a master of naughty words at times.

But this reply is something any one reads me needs to know, where I came from, what I am.

We were Southern Poor but proud!
You did not eat the government food, but I don’t ever recall going hungry before I left home.

My father knew where we came from.
Seeing in me something he recognized, he kept his baby boy as far from the seats of power as he could while he tried to prepare me with personal examples of thrift, hard work, honor, integrity, thinking for ones self.

He taught me not to take advantage of ones blood to receive special favors not available to those you live and work with.

He was the best man I ever knew to walk the face of the earth in this life.

MY Un posted Reply to Troll.

Sock Puppet: Zara Gahrabli-
“So you didn’t actually go to West Point, or any college. Well, it shows.”

MY Un posted Reply to Troll:

“Troll opens pie hole, sticks all four paws in!

“So you didn’t actually go to West Point, or any college. Well, it shows.”

And Jesus the Christ said, “Thou Fool!”.

My brother came home from Viet Nam and warned me about how the water at West Point cause the cadets brains to jell.
He warned me a brilliant military strategist such as his baby brother, had best avoid associating with such rule book regurgitating cookie cutter “officers”.

So after a valuable lesson involving not marrying white trash, and getting that legally behind me, I followed my fathers foot steps to Howard Payne University to study theology.
I found it it to be a hollow hypocritical big money business pretending to be “christian”.
I paid child support on a kid was not my blood, while going to university, $$$$$$$$, working the only job I could get get in a college town, as a mechanic at a TG & Y auto center, while taking a full load at school.

Did one semester at the local collage back home, while helping out my dad around the place.
I worked odd jobs in a poor country so I could pay child support on a kid was not mine, did not dump that on my parents.

Completely broke I went back to work full time, and the rest of my 113 or so credit hours and such were done the Old Fashioned American way.

I did not ask for grants, loans, I worked a full time job, with lots of overtime, Night school, working to make up classes missed because I was on the road with my job, many missed classes.

Did my military enlisted and proud of that.
I never screwed a man or women under me over to get ahead in the military.
They ate before I did, they showered before I did, and they got a hell of a lot more sleep than I did.

And they All knew if they got a chunk taken out of their behind for something I ordered them to do, there was going to be several out of my butt defending them before they got to my men and women.

In the civilian world, after some more experience, I started my own successful business which I ran for 5 years before retiring to mini farm life.

Back around 2006 or so I was charging $45.00 per hour for my services, turning away work, and working myself ragged to keep up with more than I should have done, but when one is the business, and one has folks with businesses in a bind!

Jesus the Christ said:
“Thou FOOL”.

I reckon he had you in mind.”

The Ole Dog!

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