If Uncle Sugar gives You a Lemon, Make Lemonade

Folks are freaking out because the “US dollar’s” buying power is falling like a duck just got both wings blasted off by a yankee wife beating Penney from the newsboy stealing city slicker bad shot “duck hunter”.

No biggie.

Even at the rate of inflation of the Fiat Not federal No reserves and Not a “bank” “Dollar” , it still has it’s uses.

I create folk art with the coins, as seen above.

Honoring three US presidents, DC, all of the War Criminal “states” which helped the evil child gang raping to death thieving arsonist witch burning yankee puritan gentuza of USA/DC to Holocaust more than a half million Americans.

The paper kind, I am hoarding those because of the present toilet paper shortage.

But don’t worry, we have a stockpile of that worthless Not federal No reserves and Not a “bank” fiat paper backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value, made up out of thin air “dollars”
Alright, distribute them to the men.
Make sure I get fives and fifties.

You don’t have 100 ones you can give me for this 1 one hundred do ya?
Uh, yeah, I am going to have a yard sell and need the change!

If Uncle Sugar gives you a lemon, make lemonade.
Glass half full/half empty!

The Ole Dog!

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