Do the red Russian mongrel khazarians of Russia Have the Khazarian Kat House Piano Player the Putinister’s Likeness on a Coin?

I am a student of history.
Used to call myself a historian till I figured out most “historians” would not recognize real true history if it reared up and bit them in the keister.

Historians try to write about men and events their little sheep brains can not comprehend.
Thats the honest ones.

The Rat’s have a whole organization which goes behind humanity rewriting “history” to hide their crimes and punishments for those crimes against Humanity.

When I entered University, I was given credit US History 101 and 102 without taking the class, as my scores showed I knew more about American History than their tenured professors.

Cousin General George S Patton said, “Politicians are the lowest lifeforms on the face of the Earth.

As a Connoisseur of Real True. History, I have added to Georges list a close second, ” historians”.

Ike was a no combat khazarian red Russian political in a uniform,
Like the Putinister, he never heard a shot fired in anger, or led troops into battle.

I might add every morning I piss on a coin with Ikes likeness.

Do the red Russian mongrel Khazarians of Russia have the Khazarian Kat House Piano Player the Putinister’s likeness on a coin?

The Ole Dog!

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