Nothing I Can Do About It Now

Friend of mine and I have been nibbling around the ages of whats on the other side of the vail, how reincarnation is done.
Are our lives lived in sequence one by one, or do all our lives run all at once in their own Present Now?

Ether way, I agree with him the only safe way to change the past if it is possible, is to change ones future for the better by their actions in their present now.

My father who was a minister, a very wise man told me when we were discussing the soul, and the End of Times zealot Warvangelical zionist “christens” who spend their time worrying about something coming, someone told them about, sometime in the far distant future, rather than worrying about improving their own lives daily to build a better world.

Oh yes, and worrying about telling on other folks sins to God while not recognizing or repenting of their own.

“Seems to me, if you live each day as death may come today, so you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, not get caught doing what you should not be doing, I don’t think you have a lot to worry about”.

Ether way, I earned this gray in my hair and the lines on my face.
I would not trade the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, enlightenment I have learned through the pain, sorrow, betrayal, struggles, love received and given of those gone years, to wipe the slate clean at say 16-17, and start over.

Reminded me of one of Willies later songs.

The Ole Dog!

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