American General George S Patton on US Congress and US “media”

Patton was an American.
Patton was a Warrior.
Patton was Loyal to America and the American people.

Americans turned on his when the red Russians Communist Whores in media and congress whipped up against him, made a raging storm out of the whistling of a tea kettle, in the middle of a war, with hundreds of thousands of people dying, for slapping two privates, the first in my opinion was a coward, shirking his duty, leaving his “comrades ” to face what he would not.

The second man, was not faking it I believe.
Some people should never be sent to a war.
Be great if no one was, but until that magically happens, there are people who are so afraid of everything, who allow their fears to control them, who should not for their sake, and the sake of those who must depend on them in a combat situation, never send them to war.

But since he was there, if he were allowed to go home because he “could not take it”, George knew it would eat the mans guts out the rest of his life.

George though it was better to send him to face his fears, so he could overcome them.

Good, bad or Ugly, it shows the fickleness and stupidity of the American sheep whom Patton was loyal to, to help call for his head when he was the only American General at that point, who has show he could kick ass and win battles, because red Russian Communist in Congress and the media called for his head.

There were several attempts on his life before he was successfully murdered by USA/DC & Russia.

The Spitfire incident was one of them.

Best pull your heads out of your asses American sheep.

Red Russian Jackals like mutton.

The Ole Dog!

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