The RothsRats Corona Shuffle Into Slavery

Ya want to be complete slaves to little boy raping up the ass and murdering as human sacrifices to their demonic pedophilic Usury slaving angry imaginary war god, mass murdering dick wipe degenerate perverted ass holes?

The “Corona” virus is flu, nothing more, nothing less.
It does not Kill as many as many flus in the past.
And the Ratschilds cum swallowing thirty shekel political whores did not shut the world down.

Those the flu Kills”. in the vast majority of cases, are those with bad lungs, bad hearts, bad immune systems, bad kidneys, or other underlying preexisting health problems.

They were struggling to stay alive, and the flu was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

That is true of any strain of flu in the past, or any in the future.

It is the same for the “Corona virus”.
The “Corona Virus” does not ware a Superman costume under the Virus disguise.
The virus is not some Apocalypse Horseman.
It is the Damn Flu.

The ass holes who chew the Ratschilfd rope, know they are crashing the world economy.
The economy was going to crash anyway as the economy is a RothsRat Usury Theft Scam.

This way, they crash the economy by using a made up Health Crisis, which they will blame on God instead of the Ratschilds who’s fault it is.
God sent a virus which crashed the economy.
The Economy was recovering, but then this “Act of God”, crashed the economy, it is not our fault, it is God’s fault!

They are using this made up shit to lock people in their own homes, while their food, finances run out, hundred of thousands, then millions of family owned business will go belly up, for no Real Damn Reason.

The Rat’s minions knowing this was coming, positioned themselves to get even more stinking filthy rich than before, on the engineered train wreck of the misery of the common folks.

Same damn thing they did in 1929.
The Great Depression did not just “happen”, it was engineered for financial and political purposes by the Rats and their minions.

Easy loans, easy terms, a stock market which was going ever upwards from the easy money.
People went deep in debt to buy stocks to get rich.

Then the Rat’s “banker” bastards pulled half the volume of money out of circulation, caused a panic, cut loans off to folks so they could not cover their losses.

The Banks went around the country foreclosing on farms, factories, homes, business of every sort.

The rich sons of bitches, the Rat’s bastards, got richer, many common folks lost everything, many committed suicide, many died of disease and starvation.

This time, the Rats intend to start dismantling the facade of each people having their own government, and just damn well force the Rat’s wet nightmare of a “One World All Powerful Non-Elected Government” Run by the Rat’s whores of course, for the benefit of the Rat’s.

Of course, the Rat’s whores will tell you they are arresting you for violating one of their orders “for the good of humanity as a whole”.

Slaves don’t have freedom or rights.
Slaves are given a few liberties upon occasion.
The Rats view humanity as their “soul-less” cattle to be used for sexual, labor, slave , cannon fodder purposes.

So you just might want to pull your heads out of your asses Americans, stop worrying if you ave enough toilet paper to last till you die, and worry about why they are knowingly bankrupting millions of Americans, in an economy which was already a pile of shit, thanks to the child raping Rat’s minions in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Why the hell would any sane honest American, try to tank the economy of America so folks will lose their businesses, savings, homes, any remaining liberties, and lives?

The answer is the pedophilic bribe taking lying cum sucking sons of whore bitches in Sodom and Gomorrah are neither sane or honest.

Italy has declared marshal Law, in England they arrested some guy they said had been exposed and he did not want to stay home.

In the America, in one state, law enFORCEment surrounded the house of someone they said was exposed, who did not want to stay home.

In another State, they are calling out the National Guard.

Seriously folks, people took shits millions of years, long before toilet paper was invented.
And they wiped their asses.
Pages from books which one does not want.
Weeds, (avoid the thistle verity).
Corn cobs.
Corn shucks, (save them tamale wrappers)!
Old cloth.

But once a people trade their freedoms / individual sovereignty for a false sense of security, they will have to fight a long bloody war to ever win any of it back.

Easier to just tell the rats infected with the zionist Zombie Virus, to damn well self quarantine, or be forceable quarantined for the safety and security of the Human Race.

Or you can just get on your knees, give a blow job to pedophile Rats, offer your little lambs up to the little child raping and sacrificing zionist Zombie Virus infected Rats as sexual party favors and cannon fodder.

Up to you Americans, do you have a set, or do you squat when you pee?

The Ole Dog!

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