There is No USA National “Debt”.

The is no “National Debt”.

First off, USA is not a country, it is not a nation, it is a for profit international sub corporation of the evil of the Rat Run British Empire, having been incorporated under British Empire Law.

Corporations are a legal fiction.
One can not touch a corporation physically.
One can not see a corporation which the physical senses.
One can not hear a corporation with the physical senses of an Individual Soul.
One can not taste a corporation.

Which is a good thing because they more than likely would taste like zionist Zombie virus infected pig’s shit.

Corporations are a black magic illusion which have been caste on humanity by evil child raping and murdering baby raping Usury War Starting lying ass holes.

America the Land is Real.
Americans the Souls living on the Face of the Land of North America, are real

Both can be touched, seen, heard, tasted.
Both are physical realities while “corporations” are made up fairly tale illusions used to farm the sheep for perverse pleasure, and stolen profit.

The Not federal, No reserves, and Not a “bank” Fiat, backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value “dollar” is an illusion, it is not physically real.

Here some lesser minds will try to argue one can do all these things to the paper symbol of the Fiat Backed by Absolutely Nothing of Intrinsic value fake counterfeit dollar.

No, the Fiat dollar can not be seen, felt, touched, tasted.

The paper symbol can.
You can eat all that green paper shit you want to, you will not have touched, tasted, seen, heard the Fiat dollar, as the fiat dollar is made up out of thin air.

I have better things to eat.

You can use its for this, but I do not recommend it for the reasons I list below.

It is not absorbent enough, contaminated with everything under the sun, too narrow, I would not wipe my ass on the fiat paper symbol of the unseen, unheard, untouched, untasted fiat Ratschild’s scam imaginary money when it soon assumes it’s intrinsic value of 0, zero, Zero, Nada, nothing.

Course, with the current Toilet Paper crisis, if you got a big stack of them paper symbols, be your own judge.

That regulates the Rat’s paper symbol of the not real imaginary counterfeit dollar usefulness to starting fires in wood heaters, and it is summer time.

No, do not try composting the fake dollars, as the ink, chemicals and other contaminates are not good for growing food one wants. to eat.

As no real money was loaned to the USA corporation, just paper symbols of a non physical make believe thing, all the USA has to do to pay off this “debt” which really does not exist, is to crank up USA government printing presses, print their own backed by absolutely nothing green back paper currency, as it’s value would be made up out of thin air, just like the currency “loaned”, (How does one “Loan” thin air at Usury Interest?), pay off the pedophile scam running war starting lying ass hole cum sucking “bankers”.

No debt.

Of course this is not really needed.
Just realize as nothing was really physically loaned, nothing really physical, like Americans sweat of their brows, and fruits of their Labor, needs be “payed back”.

Tell the baby gang raping “banker” bastards to go have sex with themselves.

If they whine and cry, quarantine the zionist Zombie Virus Infected ones for the good and beneficial welfare of Humanity.

Start over with real money, real Statesmen, and a Real Country.

No matter what name one calls it, America will remain long after the USA corporation is just a bad memory people spit on the ground at the sound of the term USA/DC.

Or Americans can continue being slaves to evil child raping scam Artist.
And America can continue being an oppressive third world banana republic shit hole.

Oh yes, one more thing!

The Ole dog

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