Iran: 103-year-old beats coronavirus

The USA Military is a larger pandemic in the world, which has killed more folks than the current flu, (It is just a flu, man made or not), and will continue kill tens of thousands of innocent children and old folks in Lands the USA has no right to be in after the current flu which is not as bad as some in the past.

In other words, world wide, the elites are whipping the sheep into a fear frenzy on purpose, for the benefit of the elites.

Any sheep which care to pull their heads out of their sheep asses, will come to understand, the elites, believe several million at least, humans need to be killed, so they don’t have to feed the “useless food eaters”.

The ass holes are not trying to keep you alive, they want you dead!
So whats up with all this fear porn?

I suspect once the elites gets the sheep running frantically, bleating in fear, the elites will turn the head of the herd in the direction of the slaughterhouse doors!

Wonder why them medical folks are not working on a Vaccine for the zionist Zombie Virus which causes the Ratschilds controlled “governments” like the Israhell, UK, France, Belgium, USA, to have their Military to murder all them hundreds of thousands of innocent children and old folks?

As far as this current boogie man, the American sheep are absolute idiots!

The Ole Dog!

A medical staff examines a sample from a patient at Keyvan Virology Laboratory to confirm the coronavirus cases in Tehran, Iran on 10 March 2020 [Fatemeh Bahram/Anadolu Agency]

A 103-year-old Iranian woman successfully recovered after contracting the deadly coronavirus, which has claimed thousands of lives worldwide since early this year, reports Anadolu Agency.

According to Nevid Danayi, the rector of Semnan University of Medical Sciences, the old lady was discharged from the hospital, becoming the second oldest person ever to recover from the disease known as COVID-19.

Danayi, without disclosing the identity of the survivor, said the patient fully recovered.

A week ago, Chinese authorities said another 103-year-old individual was discharged from hospital after recovering in six days.

OPINION: Media bias is politicising the coronavirus pandemic coverage

Worldwide, out of over 198,500 confirmed cases, the death toll now exceeds 7,900, while more than 82,500 patients have recovered, according to Worldometer, a website that compiles new case numbers.

The number of active cases is more than 107,500 – 94% mild and 6% in critical condition, according to the website.

The World Health Organization has declared Europe the new epicenter of the virus, which first emerged in Wuhan, China last December.


Iran: 103-year-old beats coronavirus

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