The Teaching of Reincarnation Have ALWAYS Been Attacked By Evil Asses Such As The Pedophile Ratschilds

The is a war which has raged through the ages.
That war is a perversion. of Nature.
This war through th ages is not natural.
This war Keeps Humanity from achieving spiritual growth and eventual enlightenment.

Nature is set up to be whole.

God if you will, although that term is simply one humans made up to try to describe the power behind Nature, which name if there is one, can not be uttered by the human tongue, as the crude grunting noises humans make are meaningless in the telepathic communication on the other side of the vail.

The Dark side comes from the same source as the Light.
One can not exist without the other.

This world can not exist as it does, as a school, a place souls learn, a place where spiritual growth, the acquiring of Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom is possible without the Dark side.

If there is no evil to measure the good by, being good is meaningless.

If there is no good to measure the evil by, then evil is meaningless.

However, the existence of families and crime cabals of such pedophilic mass murdering parasites such as the RothsRats, is a mutation of evil, not the norm.

The way “evil” or the Dark side is supposed to work is it is there to offer one anything they want to not take the path of the Light.

The Light is There, for those who wish to take the path.

Once on the path, like all beings, some get way ahead of the rest, some lag behind, way behind, and the middle is where most walk together.

The Dark side is always there, trying to slow down the rate of enlightenment, get someone to waste a few lives.
It is not personal, it is just business.

The problem is, sometimes beings which are mutated perversions of nature come along, like the Ratschilds and their kind.

See, to stop wallowing in the sewer of evil, one must want illumination more than the lust of this physical early world.

The Ratschilds and their kind, are defective.
Like beings born without sight or hearing, a mutation.
Not a beneficial mutation.
These evil child raping war starting, lying thieving sons of bitches are defective in that there is no desire, none at all to grow spiritually.

The RothsRats are Freaks of Nature.

They should not have survived, but they did.

Because they did, for thousands of years these same “souls”, these same evil asses, have stolen, raped, robbed humanity so they could be reincarnated into inbred two legged animal lines which already has most of the wealth on this rock, most of the power, most of the evil!

With no desire to get on the path to the Light, no desire to grow spiritually, no desire to stop raping little children, mass murdering humanity, stealing everything!
Trying to cause as much pain, suffering and sorrow, along with spiritual death, in humanity as these vile perversions of Nature can!

Hello Houston!
We have one Huge Big Assed Problem!

Not only is it easter to herd the sheep where the evil Ratschilds want them to go with the threat of BBQing like a goat over slow coals for ever and ever, versus appealing to their greed of getting all these riches and special privileges when they die, if they do it the wayy the cult religions run by the Ratschilds from behind the curtain of the sheep’s vast ignorance, but if the sheep come to understand reincarnation, they will come to understand the game of the RothsRats which keeps them in slavery to the Ratschilds, life after life.

I have heard many people use as an excuse to not look the evil of the RothsRats in the face, “What would it profit a man to plan a war two, there, four hundred years in advance, when he will be dead?”

Except when one comes to understand reincarnation, one comes to understand the same evil Ratschild son of a whore bitch, which planned that war three hundred years back, is back, and getting richer off of the war against humanity the same evil child raping son of a bitch planned three hundred years ago.

The body may look a bit difference, might be bald, different color hair, have a different build, but the “soul”, the essence of evil is the same.

And that Boys and girls, is why the wide acceptance of reincarnation in the world scares the Rat shit out of the RothsRats.

Because, if say the Western world embraced reincarnation to the point of understanding how it works, then the Ratschild scam would be an open book to the masses.

Then the Masses would make the Ratschilds family lines of two legged animals they use for reincarnation, receive the biblical “the sins will be vested in the children of the evil doers out past the third and fourth generations”.

Which translated means, when humanity identified a nest of Rats pulling the reincarnation slavery scam on humanity, humanity would make those family lines disappear from the face of the earth.

Talking about a world wide community ole time Rat killing in defense of humanity.

Thats why the Rats HATE the teaching of Reincarnation.

Jesus the Christ taught reincarnation, and they nailed his ass to a tree, then wrote him into their nightmare on their side.

The Ole Dog!

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