When Israhell Intentionally Tried to Sink an Armed with Only a few 50 cals USA Ship, Murdering Intentionally American Sailors & Marines, And USA/DC Persecuted The Survivors

This is historical fact. The fact most Americans are too ignorant of true American history, and what the hell the international corporation doing business as THE United States OF AMERICA is up to, does not change the fact it happened, nor the fact it was a cowardly backstabbing lying attack by pussies with no honor […]

Lawyer: Man Murdered By Criminal ” law” enFORCEment During Swat Execution of Sleeping Man In No-Knock Raid at 4:30 AM When the Gestapo Murdered him.

Perhaps they were the dream police, and he was dreaming of resisting! Folks I am sorry. If your son is a cop, you should have raised em better. If your husband is a cop, there is always divorce. If you parent is a cop, one can move to another State and claim their parents were […]