Admiralty “law” is Roman law, the law of the Sea-This is the “law” used in USA Corporate courts- This law says you are stupid so they have “jurisdiction” over you, for your own good

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Supreme Court heard the appeal from the mariners of the Arago. The Sailors’ Union of the Pacific funded their suit through the local courts, to its final appeal in Washington D.C. The question before the court was can a master have a mariner arrested for breaking their contract? The decision handed down by the justices stated:

Read that again!

Under the USA Corporate court “law”, (Roman Admiralty “law”, USA/DC, & their sub corporations, treat you as if you don’t have enough sense to wipe your own ass, so you are placed as a ward of the USA & Sub corporations.

That why they think they have the bright to tell you what to think and do from cradle to the grave, and they think everything you have including your body belongs to the corporation.

Thats why suicide is “illegal”.

Damaging corporation property.
Do a good job, you are beyond the reach of their corporate courts, but you will find yourself in one from which there is no appeal.

Americans want to survive as other than Usury debt slaves, DC sexual party favors, and cannon fodder in wars which are detrimental to America & Americans, they better Wake the Hell Up and Start LEARNING!

The Ole Dog!

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