The red Ruskie Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarian Mafia Member KGB Putinister & the Looming Implosion of the US Shale Oil Scam

My post on a propaganda article which was jockeying to give the red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarian Mafia member the Putinister the credit for killing the USA shale industry when the illusion of a sustainable USA shale industry is popped by economic realities of sky rocketing interest rates.

If loans are available.

“Of Course US shale is on it’s last legs.

The only thing made it possible in the first place was the uncontrolled printing of fiat currency, giving said currency. to fat cat pedophile usury “bankers”, with the tab for said “free” cash, given the little struggling American worker.

So much fake money the banks are awash with the fiat toilet paper.

Easy loans at bargain basement interest rates allowed a unprofitable enterprise to show an illusion of profit for as long as possible.

That illusion like the bubble it is will pop, leaving all the mom and pop/Family business who believed this was real investing their lives savings along with taking out loans, to start businesses which service the shale enterprise and it’s workers, without a chair to sit in, nor a pot to piss in, aft6er the charade of the musical usury loans chairs and economic slight of hand stops.

This is true and will happen if Putin kisses Nitwityahoo’s butt every day, or just every other day.
Or in spite of anything else the Putinister may say or do.

The Putinister could not stop the popping of the USA shale bubble if he tried.”

The Ole Dog!

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