Not I Said the American Sheep!

Condensed history for the “American Empire”, USA/DC and it’s sheep.

Any religion, “government”, document, ideology, the person turning to it will find the justification for what it is they are wanting to do.

Whatever that may be.

Take the Bible.

As a student of history, I am aware the “Bible”, was not a “bible”, before it was cobbled together by little boy raping priest of the church of Rome at the Council of Nicaea in 0325 AD, throwing out all which disagreed with their nightmare of an angry war god, rewriting again and again, what was left.

Many mistranslation errors all over the place.

The Bible is not the “Divine Word Of God, Truthful in every word, sentence, chapter, and “book”.

However, if someone troubled with a moral issue, a life problem, who sincerely wishes to improve their life along with the live’s of those around them, that soul will find the comfort and guidance they are looking for.

On the other hand, if the person is looking for justification to do evil to others for perverse pleasure and profit, they will find that there in the same bible also.

Words when read, do not mean the same thing to all people.

When the wife and I hooked up some time back in the last century, she was a city girl, and I was a Texican Hillbilly boy.

They talked city in the city, and we hillbillies talked ole English up in them hills.

After many years I have to think back to which words used to get us in those damndest arguments when we finally figured out we were talking about the same thing, in agreement, just using different terminology.

Words like the turtle shell of ones car, in city talk was referred to as the “trunk” of the car.

Tumblers, those things you drink out of, in city slang are referred to as “glasses”.

Like any good marriage which last despite the egos and ignorance of both in their youth, who successfully resisted many urges to kill each other at times, we became a mixture.

I hear her using hillbilly terms now, and many the time I have been told by many people who have never seen my city side, when I just could not avoid it, the wife ordered me to get in a suit to do some function with her somewhere with people I would like to buy for what they are worth and sell for what they think they are worth, I “shine up nice like a brand new penny”.

Means when I absolutely have to, I know how to talk city and do the snob job dance.

Just don’t like to.

The same is true of the USA “constitution”.

Like the Bible, the “constitution” was written purposely to be vague, so it could be interpreted any damn way it needed to be for those in power to keep their boot on the neck of the average American man or woman.

Some trying to compromise, seeing a situation where they did not have the political pull, or the support of the American sheep to stop this evil as they saw it, did their best to keep the words as simple as they could, and nail down the powers being granted and thrown around the average American had no sway or voice in.

Such as the Bill of Rights.

Because even though the constitution was from conception a flawed and compromised document, not of for and by the “people”, if American souls had turned to the Light, become Honorable Souls, then America would not be the shit hole it is, evil, oppressive, joblessness and decay.

This would be true even using the flawed document, the “USA Constitution”.

When after they received their freedom, if all or even most Americans had elected to walk the path of Honor, which is a hard painful path at times, then American’s would have understood a totally different American dream from reading the document.

Again, not defending the constitution, but explaining why it failed as miserably as it possibly could have.

But when the Light asked the newly freed Americans, how many wanted to take the path of the Light, of Honor, bear the burden of spiritually building a Good Country, one in which freedom existed, a good place to build, raise a family, to farm, to build a future for ones prodigy, the American sheep replied:

Not I!

So the few men who still gave a damn fought on in a rear guard action to make slow as possible the extinguishing of all freedoms in America, while the American sheep allowed, nay elected, no honor sons of bitches and whore bitches to sell their prodigy and Countries future out for bribes and sexual favors.

They allowed those without honor to translate what the document said, what the words said.

In the 1860s, several Southern States decided they had had enough of trying to share a government with a bunch of no honor puritan self-righteous greedy hypocritical witch burners and pickpockets.

These States Legally, under the US Constitution, seceded, no longer wishing to share a house with evil, the evil in DC, sent there by the evil people in the self righteous fanatical puritan states, found in the “:constitution” words authorizing them to rape rob, burn, steal, terrorize, occupy, subjugate the souls of these conquered states, despite the :constitution” nowhere forbidding secession, and no where authorizing the USA/DC to prevent militarily, partners of a voluntary union, leaving when they chose.

The puritan scum went looking for the right to do the evil war crimes they did, and they found it.

Scum with no honor will always find justification of and for the evil their rabid souls desire to perpetrate on their fellow man.

Want an Honorable America, Americans?

Get Honorable.

No, it is never an easy path, and one has to pay dearly for that honor at times, but there can be no growth without pain.

Up to you Americans!

Each and every damned one of you, individually.

Damn well one rock, brick or Honor Graduate at a time.

That is how a sturdy foundation of Freedom through Honor is achieved.

The Ole Dog!

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